We Finally Know When Montreal's "No Pants Metro Ride" Is Happening In 2019

"A celebration of silliness and nothing more."
We Finally Know When Montreal's "No Pants Metro Ride" Is Happening In 2019

One of Montreal's most bizzare and absurd traditions is coming back in 2019: the "no pants metro ride."

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TL;DR  Montreal's "no pants metro ride" which has been called "a celebration of silliness and nothing more," will be taking place this winter on Sunday, January 13th, 2019. More details, including exact times and meeting places, are to be announced.

Is it a protest of some sort, you ask? That's a very valid question, but the answer is nope, not at all.

It's not a protest, and there is no political statement being made. There are no causes to support, no charities to donate to, no petitions to sign, and no one is trying to bring attention to any issue whatsoever. 

Organizers in past years have called it "a celebration of silliness and nothing more."

Fun fact: the No Pants Subway Ride is actually an annual global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York City in 2002.

And considering this is a yearly tradition, STM security doesn't really bother participants and allows for this wackiness to carry on. Pantless riders also follow strict rules and "refrain from being loud, obnoxious, and bothing other riders." They must be respectful, as if it were any other day.

Afterwards, all the participants of the "no pants metro ride" usually gather at a bar to share some beers and a laugh, so I guess it's a funny and unique way to meet new and like-minded people at the very least.

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This year, Improv Everywhere has set the international date for the event at January 13th, 2019.

Expect more details about the Montreal edition, including exact time and meeting point, to be released soon.

In the meantime, learn more about the "no pants metro ride" on Improv Everywhere's website here.

Stay tuned.


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