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We Found Kevin Hart While He Was Filming A New Movie In Montreal

It did not go as planned..
We Found Kevin Hart While He Was Filming A New Movie In Montreal

Earlier this week, we reported that Kevin Hart was filming his new movie Fatherhood at a house in the Monkland area.

The film is a change for comedian Hart, as it is said to be a tearjerker. The movie is about a man who finds himself raising his daughter by himself after his wife passes away suddenly the day after giving birth.    

When an MTL Blog reader reached out to us to tell us that they knew where the movie was being filmed, we decided this was our chance to track down the actor ourselves and tell him how excited we are for this movie!

This made us, and a lot of our readers really excited, which is why our very own Olivia Lyle went to the house in hopes of meeting Mr. Hart himself.  

Lyle used 5 rules for being a great stalker, including, wearing black, riding a bike, bringing snacks, knowing the exact location to where you are going and of course having an alibi.  

The trip started off rough for our MTL Blog reporter when she had some not so shocking bike trouble.

She eventually made it to the set and as you can see from the video, she was very excited.  

Sadly, after all of her hard work and dedication, Lyle was escorted off the set. She had a person besides her at all times to make sure she didn’t get any footage however, her eyes captured it all.  

She reported that “the set looked amazing, beautiful, nice and charming red brick home, lot’s of people, lot’s of flashing lights and set props.” Sadly for us and all of you, none of it was captured on film.  

I guess we will have towait until the movie comes out, unless we find another way of getting on that set.

A lot of fans are truly looking forward to seeing Kevin Hart play a more serious role. This film is going to allow fans to see the comic in a new light and the excitement is real.  

If you have any photos or videos of the Fatherhood set, send them our way, we would love to see them!

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