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Harry's Gonna Need A Job In Canada & Here Are 6 In Montreal That Are Fit For A Prince

Could he be your next coworker?
Harry's Gonna Need A Job In Canada & Here Are 6 In Montreal That Are Fit For A Prince
  • As we all know by now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to distance themselves from the Royal Family and move to Canada.
  • This means Prince Harry is in need of a job, and we've made a list of different employments he could find here in Montreal!
  • Find out what jobs we think about be perfect for him below.

It's official, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, are moving to Canada and will no longer be working with the Royal Family. Since the couple will no longer receive money from the public, the Prince and his wife will be looking for employment for their life in Canada. Although the chances of them moving to Montreal seem rather slim, I still managed to find some perfect jobs for Prince Harry - just in case he's looking to start a new life in our beautiful city. 

Meghan has reportedly signed a deal with Disney to do voicework. So, that means Harry may also be looking for a job! The Duke has served 2 tours in Afghanistan, has been involved with countless charities and has a passion for sports.  But, he has never truly forged his own career. And, now that he has decided to break away from his family, it's time for his to plan his next step. 

Throughout Montreal, there are a few jobs that would be perfect for the prince himself. From non-profit organizations to sport centric careers, I am confident that Harry will be able to find something to do that he loves in Montreal. 

These jobs are not only ideal for Harry, but for anyone in the city who thinks they could be right for these positions! 

Director Of Climate Fund

The Climate Fund Board of Directors is looking for a general manager who can build, mobilize and operate a climate fund.

Since Harry has intimate knowledge of the issue, I think he would be the perfect person to fight against climate change in an urban environment.

The company is looking for a candidate who has both an entrepreneurial flair with experience in leading organizations, which sounds like something our Prince can do!

View the job listing here.

Manager, Government Relations And Public Affairs For The Olympic Games

Prince Harry is incredibly passionate about sports, which is why this job would be a great fit for him.

According to the job description, some of his responsibilities would be to lead the development and implementation of GR strategies including the annual plans to achieve organization and department goals, announcements, and events while providing recommendations to internal stakeholders.

There are many other responsibilities attached to this position, all of which are in Harry's realm of capability! And, this job is both in Montreal and Toronto, making it even better for the prince!

View the job listing here.

Director Of Philanthropic Development And Communications At Habitat For Humanity

If Prince Harry is hired, he would be responsible for developing and implementing "strategic communication and philanthropic development" in support of the organization’s needs.

From evaluating the effectiveness of the current philanthropic development and communication strategies to developing a multi-faceted fundraising program to identifying and engaging prospective individual, foundation and corporate donors, this position need someone willing to put in the work.

I am fully confident that Prince Harry would be a great person for this job, so we may just be seeing him in Montreal.

View the job listing here.

The Specialist, Philanthropy & Donor Engagement At World Wildlife Fund

This would be a great fit for the Prince as he has always been passionate about doing good for a greater cause and this unique opportunity will allow him to work with prominent board members in hopes of conserving as much wildlife as possible.

From face to face meetings and conservative focused activities to other events aimed to inspire people, this job needs both financial support and a well-known personality - like Prince Harry!

View the job listing here.

Sports Agent At DULCEDO

Prince Harry clearly has an eye for talent, just look at his wife! And that ability, in combination with his passion for sports would make him a great sports agent.

As stated on the job description, "DULCEDO agents are people persons" and Harry definitely knows how to work a room!

If he chooses this as his career path, he would be responsible for all business and sales developments. In addition to that, he will be responsible for creating new opportunities for both his clients and himself.

View the job listing here.

High Net Worth Planner At TD Bank

Harry may not be a specialist in estate and tax planning, but he's a real prince - so I'm sure he knows a thing or two about the subject.

As a Tax Estate Planner, Harry would liaise TD advisors and help navigate high net worth clients achieve their financial objectives.

This would be an interesting change of pace for the Prince and could be exactly what he needs to get settled into our country.

View the job listing here.

I wonder if we'll be seeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking down Sainte-Catherine any time soon?

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