What's Open And Closed In Montreal On Easter Weekend

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What's Open And Closed In Montreal On Easter Weekend

If you aren't going away this weekend to see your family and are sticking around the city, you need to know what's open! Especially with 4/20 coming up this Saturday, you're gonna need to know which stores are open so that you can stock up on snacks.

Just make sure to bring some floaties too because you might just drown in the torrential rain if you're planning on going to the mountain. Seriously. 

Here, we bring a list of what you can expect to be closed over the holiday weekend. Keep in mind that some businesses might have adjusted hours that aren't listed, so make sure to them a line if you're unsure. 

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TL;DR MTLBlog brings you a list of what's open and closed over the Easter weekend. 

Government Offices

Pretty much all government buildings and offices will be closed over the weekend. Some exceptions might apply, but the 311 emergency line to Montreal City Hall will still be active. Make sure to call them if you're unsure.

Garbage & Recycling Pickup & Ecocentres

To check if your trash pickup schedule falls on Good Friday or Easter Monday, consult Info-Collectes. Ecocentres, where you can recycle heavy objects like refrigerators and sofas, will be open throughout the weekend, but closed on Easter Monday.

Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ)

Most SAQ Express stores will be open on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday. The SAQ Express will have regular store hours in most locations. SAQ Classique, Signature, and Selection stores will be closed on Easter Sunday. If your local SAQ is in a mall, you're out of luck since malls will be closed Easter Monday.

STM & Exo Train Services

Montreal's public transit system will be open all weekend, but running on special holiday hours. Consult the updated schedules on the STM website. Exo Trains will also be operational, running on a holiday schedule. Consult the Exo website for more information.


Chains like Couche Tard will be open for their regular hours. Independent deps will be open at the discretion of the owner.

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Big chains are not legally allowed to be open on Easter Sunday. Smaller stores might be open at the discretion of the owner, but make sure to consult them directly.

Restaurants, Banks, and Movie Theatres

Most restaurants will be open as will most movie theatres. Banks will be closed on Good Friday but will be open on Easter Monday.

Museums and Major Attractions 

The Planetarium, the Science Centre, the Botanical Garden, and the Pointe-à-Callière Museum will be open all weekend. St. Joseph's Oratory, Notre-Dame Basilica, and the Montreal Casino will also be open all weekend.

Happy Easter weekend, Montreal!!

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