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Where The Conservative Party Stands On Issues That Matter To Montrealers

From repealing the Carbon Tax to ending illegal border crossings, here's the Conservative plan.
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Where The Conservative Party Stands On Issues That Matter To Montrealers

This is MTL Blog’s Federal Election Platform Series.

Over the course of the next few weeks, leading up to the Federal Election on October 21, we’ll be outlining the platforms of Canada’s major federal political parties, including the Conservative Party, the Green Party, the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party, and the People’s Party of Canada.

This week, we're discussing the Conservative Party platform and where they stand on issues that matter most to you. We'll be focusing on issues specific to the concerns of Quebecers. 

Captained by Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party is neck-and-neck in the polls with the Liberal Party. Holding a narrow 1% lead, the Conservatives are running a campaign based on helping Canadians put "more money in their pockets".

Highly critical of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's policies and personality, Scheer and the Conservatives haven't pulled any punches. Scheer's campaign claims that Trudeau is an elitist and he cites the SNC-Lavalin scandal as the primary reason the PM is unfit for office. 

It's always good to know every party's policies before you go out to vote! Without further ado, here's where the Conservative Party stands on issues that matter to you.


The Conservatives haven't been specific about increasing or decreasing the number of refugees, but say they would be open to Quebec's decision to decrease numbers coming into the province.

However, they do not support Quebec's plan to install a "values test". Though, the Conservatives would respect all provincial jurisdictions on all decisions.

They also plan to end all illegal border crossings at Roxham Road. According to the UN Refugee Agency, in 2017, over 20,000 people crossed into Canada at Roxham Road.

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The Conservatives would proceed with a universal tax cut, from 15% to 13.5% on those who make under $47,630 per year.

Scheer would create a single tax return for Quebecers administered by the provincial government.

Provincial parties in the National Assembly unanimously backed this proposal.


The Conservatives would repeal the Liberal Carbon Tax. They've promised to reduce carbon by investing in green technologies across Canada.

They would also lower the tax rate for green technology companies to 5%.

Scheer wants to see a pipeline constructed in Quebec to bring in oil from Western Canada. The party claims it would be safer than Energy East, but they are unclear on details.

Conservatives are committed to meeting the Paris Accord agreements.


Scheer has announced that he would make it easier for Canadian companies to build new homes.

Conservatives would implement a tax credit to help pay for energy retrofitting.

The Conservatives would exempt the costs of heating from the GST.

Bill 21 & Quebec

Scheer will face an uphill battle in Quebec but has said that he would not intervene in the implementation of Bill 21.

He would not install a similar bill on the Federal level.

The Conservatives support implementing Bill 101 to federally regulated businesses likes banks and telecom companies.

Public Transportation 

Scheer has said that he would not roll back on any investments promised by the Liberals. That means Montreal will still get its blue line extension.

Will implement a public transport tax credit for companies who invest in those projects.

The Conservatives have announced that they would invest more in electric vehicle accessibility but haven't been clear on details.

Stay tuned for more party platforms from MTL Blog!

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