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18 Montreal Rinks Where You Can Skate For Free

Make the most of winter!
18 Montreal Rinks Where You Can Skate For Free
  • Winter activities tend to be a little hard on the wallet, so we're here to fill you in on where you can skate for free in Montreal.
  • There are tons of spots to embrace this oh-so-Canadian activity around the city!
  • Find out where to take part in this wintery exercise below!

If you live in Montreal and you don't like winter, you're out of luck. Not liking winter in Montreal means being miserable for at least 6 months out of the year. I get it, though. Enjoying all that winter has to offer does not come naturally to everyone. But one of the best tips I can offer to get through the long, sluggish months is to pick an outdoor activity and practice it as much as possible! This advice is what led me to make a list of where you skate for free in Montreal.

Let me tell you that skating will surely boost your morale and have you looking forward to the next snowfall (yes, really).

It's relatively easy to learn, fun, and requires minimal gear. Plus, it's really easy to find a skating rink close to home. All boroughs in Montreal maintain at least a few ice rinks throughout the winter, so residents can play hockey, speed by, or wobble on the ice all winter long.

We've organized this list by borough so you can easily find the rink closest to you. Note that this list is not exhaustive. Rather, it serves as a quick reference for some of the best or most picturesque rinks in the city.

To find more ice rinks, and check their opening hours and ice conditions, you can head to the city's website here! Be sure to always check if a rink is open and safe before heading out.


Parc MacDonald

Where: 5355 ave Clanranald

What: This big park is the perfect place to spend a sunny winter afternoon, with one rink for free skating and one for playing shinny.

Parc Confédération

Where: 6262 ave Fielding

What: The adorable patinoire Bleu-Blanc-Bouge in NDG is one of several ice rinks donated by the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation. Wear your jersey and show local pride here.


Parc Carignan

Where: 4100 rue Provost

What: This large green space is a great place to play tennis in the summer, but it transforms into a winter wonderland with the addition of two outdoor ice rinks.

Parc LaSalle

Where: Parc Lasalle (off Rue Victoria)

What: This huge park in the west end of the city has two ice rinks, walking trails, and a little cottage you can cozy up in after a long day outside.

Plateau Mont-Royal

Parc Baldwin

Where: On the corner of rue Sherbrooke and rue Fullum

What: This cute little parc in the east of the Plateau boasts a modest little ice rink that's great for a quick game of hockey.

Parc La Fontaine

Where: 3819 ave Calixa-Lavallée

What: This popular large park has one of the most beautiful natural ice rinks in the city. Once there, you can rent skates and skate along one of three ice rinks.

Note that while the city website doesn't state that the rink is free, the park website makes clear that access is, indeed, free.

Parc Jeanne-Mance

Where: Parc Jeanne-Mance (between Ave. du Parc and Ave. Esplanade)

What: This spot is well-known for being a great place to picnic in the summer, but it's also the perfect place to play a quick game of hockey after work or on weekends!

Parc Sir Wilfrid-Laurier

Where: 5200 rue Brebeuf

What: This beautiful park in the Plateau has three huge ice rinks. It's the perfect place to spend an afternoon with a group of friends.


Parc Pierre-Bédard

Where: rue Pierre-Bédard

What: This park has three beautiful ice rinks: two for plain old ice skating, and one for playing hockey. There's also a cozy little cabin so you can change into your skates without freezing.

Parc Saint-Aloysius

Where: 1651 rue Nicolet

What: This quaint little park in the east end has two ice rinks - double the fun!

Rosemont La-Petite-Prairie

Parc Lafond

Where: 3330 ave Laurier E.

What: This quiet park with a great view is an amazing place to try ice skating. There are two well-maintained ice rinks.

Parc Père-Marquette

Where: 1602 rue de Bellechasse

What: This spacious park is a great place for a picnic in the summer, but it's an equally great place to make the most of the winter season on one of two ice rinks.

Parc Beaubien

Where: Parc Beaubien

What: This beautiful park in Outremont has two ice rinks that are regularly watered. This quiet, scenic park is one of the most beautiful in the neighbourhood, and a wonderful place to spend the day.

Ville Saint-Laurent

Parc Chamberland

Where: 800 rue Dorais

What: This small park has two outdoor skating rinks that remain well-maintained throughout the winter season.



Where: 2000 Chemin Remembrance; Beaver Lake

What: This beloved lake at the top of Mont-Royal is a popular spot to gather all year round. Ice skate on the man-made lake, and then warm up in the cottage with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Parc Walter-Stewart

Where: Parc Walter-Stewart (off rue D'Iberville)

What: This small park is one of the few places where you can skate for free near the downtown core. Bring your skates to work and enjoy a winter afternoon on the ice after a long day.


Parc Jarry

Where: 285 rue Gary-Carter

What: This massive park in the city's north end is a great place to hang out on a nice winter day. Reward yourself for your efforts on the ice with a big plate of pasta at one of the many restaurants in nearby Little Italy.

Parc Villeray

Where: 8000 Rue De Normanville

What: This large park in the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough boasts two ice rinks. There's also a little chalet where you can change into your skates and warm up on a cold day.

Now that you've found the ice rink nearest you, bundle up and get out there! And, when you're all ice-skated out, try warming up with a big bowl of ramen or some decadent hot chocolate.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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