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Why There's No Place In Canada Quite Like Montreal In The Fall

20 reasons to love fall in the city.
Why There's No Place In Canada Quite Like Montreal In The Fall
  • Though brief, fall in Montreal represents the city at its very best!
  • From tolerable temperatures to an abundance of activities, here's why autumn is Montreal's best season.
  • What's your favourite part of fall in Montreal?

All seasons have their ups and downs, especially in Montreal. Though winter is beautiful and chock-full of seasonal activities (skiing, anyone?), it also turns our beloved city into a nightmarish maze of icy streets and wind tunnels. And, while summer in Montreal brings a ton of festivals and nights spent drinking on terrasses, it's also too-hot and too-humid for most of us.

Spring in the city only lasts like 10 days, so I won't even bother making up something poetic about that "season."

I think autumn strikes the perfect balance between the extremes that Montreal throws at its residents: the city still has an abundance of activities, while we can enjoy crisp, mild, sunny days outside.

Keep reading for all of the other things that make fall the best season in Montreal.

The End Of Construction Season

Ah yes, construction season. Every year, from April until October-ish, the city becomes one unified construction site. Road detours, bus stop cancellations, and the steady sound of jackhammers announce the return of summer.

It's a necessary evil that every citizen somehow reluctantly puts up with every year. Though construction sites don't magically go away once the leaves turn, they do decrease in number significantly, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Beautiful Colours

We're lucky to live in a very specific climate that turns our green forests into gorgeous shades of orange, red, and russet for a few weeks each year.

In Montreal, we don't have to go very far to enjoy this magnificent sight: all it takes is a climb up Mount Royal or a stroll through your local park.

Perfect Weather

As someone with no air conditioning, you can bet that I am happy to experience the return of colder weather in the city.

Fall weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities like hiking or canoeing without feeling like you're going to burst into a cloud of sweaty steam (sorry, too graphic?).

Apple Picking

To me, nothing says "fall" quite like biting into a fresh, crisp apple. Apple-picking is a fun way to spend a day with friends and enjoy a beautiful autumn day (while taking cute Instagram photos, of course).

Check out our list of great apple picking spots near Montreal.

Excuses To Cuddle Up

Fall means cooler weather, and THAT means that it is officially time to cuddle up with your favourite person, a cup of tea, and a scary movie.

Check out this list of new Netflix releases this season!

Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are a distinctly autumnal activity, and they're so nostalgic and fun.

Yes, I may be a full-grown, 5-foot-ten "adult," but that doesn't mean that I can't still enjoy running through a maze with some friends.

Indulging In Comfort Food

Fall announces the return of some of my favourite foods: mac 'n' cheese, apple pies, butternut squash soup, etc. Making all of that stuff at home is great, but Montreal has a plethora of restaurants that serve up fantastic comfort food.

Check out some of our favourites here.

Adorable Fall Fashion

Weather in the fall is a little all over the place: it feels like winter in the morning, but turns into a summer's day in the afternoon.

Honestly, though, I am HERE for fall fashion and layering.

All Of The Halloween Activities

Halloween is by far one of my favourite holidays of the year. And Montreal knows how to do Halloween RIGHT.

Whether you're looking for thrills in a super-scary haunted house, a wild night out at a house party, or a raunchy night at the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Montreal has got an event for you.

Amazing Hikes

The beautiful fall colours and amazing weather make fall the perfect hiking season.

There are a ton of great hikes in and around Montreal that you can enjoy with your friends, so you have no excuse to be staying indoors!

Frolicking In Pumpkin Patches

Yes, it's basic, but picking out your perfect pumpkin to carve later is SO FUN. Not to mention how photographic pumpkin fields are. Take a couple of photos, I won't judge.

The best part about pumpkin picking? Adding pumpkin to every recipe. 'Tis the season to make everything you eat pumpkin flavoured, from coffee to pies, to overnight oats.

Charming Fall Dates

Warming up with hot chocolate at a cozy café, going pumpkin picking, enjoying great views from the top of Mount Royal, going to the spa, running through haunted houses together...

This city sets the scene for some truly romantic dates.

Bustling Student Life

Students flock to Montreal from all over the world. When classes start up again, the city is filled with new and exciting energy.

There's also the always-entertaining student meme culture — a product of their exam season misery.

The Botanical Gardens

There is no denying that one of the best things during fall is going to the Botanical Gardens. The space really comes to life with a festival of lights, pumpkin decorating contests, and a Halloween-themed exhibit.

Not to mention that the parks next to the Olympic Stadium are perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Fun Weekend Road Trips 

This season's long weekends give everyone a great excuse to go for a three-day getaway. And, there is no shortage of scenic escapades in Quebec.

Check out this list of our favourites.

The Instagram Photos Take Themselves

Just writing this list is making me want to go out and take some photos of the ever-changing leaves.

There are so many opportunities to take good photos: a Thanksgiving feast, Halloween parties, lovely hikes, etc.

You Can Still Eat Poutine Outside

If you thought this list wasn't going to get weirdly specific, you thought wrong.

Fall is perfect poutine weather: it's cold enough for a steaming plate of fries and gravy, but still hot enough to enjoy it in the sun.

Fall Farm Baskets

Getting my fresh farm basket full of butternut squash, potatoes, carrots, and other goodies keeps me feeling like a true Gordon Ramsey. Nothing beats fall produce.

Check out this map of Montreal's markets!

Walking Through The Plateau

The Plateau is a fun neighbourhood at all times of the year, but it feels particularly special during the fall. You can walk up and down Montreal, ducking in and out of coffee shops, strolling through parks, and enjoying how the colourful building façades match the autumn leaves.

I might be biased, but I'm sure you all agree that Montreal is the best place to spend the fall season.

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