Why Summer Is The Best Season To Break Up With Your Significant Other In Montreal

Montreal is a great city all year round, but it pulses with a special kind of energy in the summer. The city comes to life with festivals, free outdoor concerts, and parks full of people getting their tan on.

The summer may seem like the most romantic season of all in Montreal. Couples take long, romantic strolls in the Old Port, cuddle in the various parks, and sneak kisses while riding on bicycles. However, it’s actually the best time of the year to break up with your s.o.

Don’t believe me yet? Join me as I explain to you why the summer is the best season to break up with your significant other in Montreal.

1. You are no longer under weather-imposed house arrest

Once the winter weather disappears, Montrealers are more likely to ditch their cozy homes in favour of terrasses and days at the park. This means saying goodbye to long Netflix marathons and entire days spent inside, both of which are likely to make you feel lonely and in need of a companion. Now that you’re distracted by other things, you can ditch your cuddle buddy.

2. It’s too hot to be sharing a bed

DANNY G via Unsplash

Speaking of cuddle buddies, they are great when the mercury dips below -30 and you are absolutely freezing in your bed. But once summer arrives and the air is suffocating, there’s nothing worse than having to be smushed up against another sweaty body.

3. You neighbour’s actually pretty hot

Montrealers know how to dress well, and this becomes evident once we ditch our winter layers. We’re more inclined to smile and be carefree once we stop being battered by cold wind and rain. Summer is when we realize how many other options are out there (like your cute neighbor who’s mowing the lawn), and we break up with the person we settled with.

4. You’re too busy with your friends to date

John Arano via Unsplash

The summer is for terrasses, going out with your friends and eating tons of ice cream. Because everyone is coming out of hibernation, you’re going to have plans with friends every night. You’ll be so busy hanging out with friends that you won’t miss your s.o. when you break up with them.

5. It's Way Easier To Meet People In The Summer

With all of the abovementioned summer plans, the chances of you finding a fun, new summer fling increase exponentially. If you find yourself unwilling to be tied down in the face of such excitement, ditch your partner!

6. Cute Tourists

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Thanks to Montreal’s many summer festivals, there are tons of cute tourists coming from all around the world. Tinder in particular is really fun in the summer because you get to see the profiles of all of the rich people coming in for the F1 weekend, among other festivities. With all the potential for fun, new flings, why would you stay with your boring old bae?

7. You Don't Want Obligations

The summer is a good time to "work on yourself," whatever that means to you. Whether you need more time to travel, work out or just focus on your projects, the summer makes you realize that you might be better off alone.

8. You're More Attractive In The Summer (And You Know It)

Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

We've already talked about how everyone looks better in the summer, and that includes you! With a tan, better skin and a smile on your face, you're likely to attract a few more glances. Maybe you realize that you can do better than your current relationship, and leave!

There are a ton of other valid reasons, like the fact that summer is far from any major holidays. Sure, if you love your significant other and things are going great, this article is probably not for you. But if you’ve been looking for a sign, well, here it is!