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Wild Fox Spotted Sneaking Onto STM Bus In Montreal

It didn't give a fox.
Wild Fox Spotted Sneaking Onto STM Bus In Montreal

Imagine getting on the Montreal bus, minding you're own business, when all of a sudden a wild animal just pops onto the bus. Not just any wild animal, but a fox!

Personally, I've never spotted a fox in Montreal. But a bunch of other Montrealers riding the bus this week got a big surprise when a furry little passenger decided to hop on board. This photo was taken and uploaded onto the STM:Spotted Facebook page yesterday.

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TL;DR A photo of a fox on an STM bus was uploaded to Spotted:STM's Facebook page yesterday. The photo instantly received hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

That said, it's still unknown which bus line this happened on. The photo was uploaded with a simple caption "Spotted au renard qui a pris le bus avec nous." 

It received a TON of attention instantly. Over 600 Montrealers gathered to comment and share their opinion about the photo. While come crazy things go down in this city, a wild animal getting on the bus is a pretty rare sight.

Here are some of the top comments:

The 600 comments also included many many references to everyone's favorite fox movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The reality is that a fox is still a wild animal, and although this isn't officially confirmed, I'm sure the bus was cleared out to protect the passengers and get the fox off the bus safely as well.

If you have any information about the STM fox sighting let us know!

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