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Winter Storm Warning Issued As Montreal Could Get 45 cm Of Snow By Friday

45cm? Snow way...
Winter Storm Warning For Montreal: Up To 45cm Of Snow Expected By Friday
  • Environment Canada has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Montreal as up to 45cm of snow is expected to fall by Friday.
  • Much of Southern Quebec will also be hit, which could make getting around for the next two days difficult.
  • This weekend is going to be beautiful, though! Check out the forecast below.

As we mentioned yesterday, there's some serious winter storm activity moving into the Southern Quebec region today, which is slated to continue until Friday. What started as just a Special weather statement from Environment Canada has now escalated to a full-on Winter Storm Warning for Montreal and surrounding areas like Laval and Longueuil, with the final amount of snow potentially totalling 45cm. 

As I said yesterday, this is amazing news for anyone that has been dying to get out and play in the snow, whether the plan is to ski, toboggan or just make a snow angel.

On the downside, however, this storm is looking like it may try and ruin three consecutive commutes in Montreal. 

Things are clear now, meaning most of the city should have no problem getting to work. The snow is forecasted to begin and drop up to 10cm before weakening this afternoon. But, then, Environment Canada is warning the snow will "redevelop again tonight and will be very heavy until late day Friday.

This means getting home tonight could be messy, and the commute to and from work tomorrow is bound to be even worse.

Between 25 and 35cm are expected to fall on the Montreal area throughout Friday.

Environment Canada is suggesting that people in Montreal "consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve.

Rapidly accumulating snow could make travel difficult over some locations. Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow."

This certainly applies specifically to highway driving, where high speeds and blowing snow can create a dangerous combo we like to call a whiteout.

The STM suggests leaving your car at home and going the public transit route. And while we've all seen an STM bus struggle in the snow, the metro really is the most reliable form of transportation in the winter.

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Below is the 6-day forecast for Montreal provided by Environment Canada. As you can see, all of this snow is leading into what I'm tempted to call the most perfect winter weekend I've seen in a while.

[rebelmouse-image 26886943 alt="Winter Storm Warning Issued As Montreal Could Get 45cm Of Snow By Friday" photo_credit="Environment Canada" expand=1 original_size="769x384"] Environment Canada

This weekend is going to be sunny and not too cold, with tons of snow to play in, which will hopefully make the whole Winter Storm Warning situation worth it in the end.

And... if you'll notice... it looks like we're in for more snow to kick off next week.

So if you were someone that was starting to feel really weird about the spring-ish weather we were having here in Montreal the past couple week, the next couple days are for you.

The southern-most regions of Southern Quebec are also under this Winter Storm Warning, and you can check which regions specifically will be impacted and how at Environment Canada's website here.

Hopefully, that will help you choose which ski hill you decide to hit this weekend.

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