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Working At The SQDC Is One Of The Worst Jobs To Have In Quebec Right Now

Layoffs in the near future are a reality for workers.
Working At The SQDC Is One Of The Worst Jobs To Have In Quebec Right Now

You'd probably agree that working at the SQDC right now is definitely not the most rewarding job out there, as with most customer service positions there is that element of having to deal with angry customers on a daily basis. But the jobs bad qualities seem to go far beyond that, making it one of the worst places to be employed in Quebec at the moment.

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TL;DR The SQDC is one of the worst places to work at in Quebec right now due to hour shortages, possibility of layoffs and customer complaints. More details are below.

With most of Canada suffering from product shortages and restocking being a reality that's several months away, cannabis stores in neighbouring provinces such as New Brunswick have begun laying off workers.

Quebec refuses to follow its lead, which is causing SQDC workers to have the worst hours possible.

For most stores in the province, opening days are Thursday to Sunday. With an average of 15-20 employees per store, the most you'd be able to work is 32 hours a week. Considering that each employee is given an equal share of hours, everyone is most likely getting much less than that.

This is even after many workers resigned from the SQDC in previous months due to labor shortage. Chances are that we'll be seeing more employees quit in the months that follow.

If they don't, the SQDC may be faced with making employee cuts. So in the end, if lack of hours weren't already bad enough, you'd probably end up losing your job too.

The job sounds even worse when you consider the customer service aspects of it. Imagine dealing with a line-up full of angry and frustrated customers at a time when they realize there's only one product available to purchase at the moment.

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Even though employees aren't to blame for availability of a product, they are the ones that face the wrath of an upset shopper, a shopper that can't get the marijuana they want.

Overall, if you happen to be in the market for a new career, it doesn't look like the SQDC will take you very far right now. Perhaps once stock is restored it could be a super fun and rewarding job, but in the meantime you might want to stick to your current day job.

Stay tuned for more updates on the SQDC.


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