World-Famous Filipino Chain Jollibee Will Finally Open Its First Quebec Location

This Filipino fast-food restaurant plans to open numerous Canadian locations by 2023!
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World-Famous Filipino Chain Jollibee Will Finally Open Its First Quebec Location
  • The world-famous Filipino fast-food restaurant, Jollibee, has announced its plan to come to Quebec and other provinces of Canada!
  • If you're too impatient for it to get here, you can always visit its Toronto location -make sure to prepare for some of the most delicious fried chicken you have ever experienced.
  • Find out when this chain restaurant plans to make its way to la belle province below!

Jollibee, a world-famous Filipino fast-food restaurant has officially announced an expansion into major Canadian markets, including plans to come to Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. By 2023, Jollibee plans to open some 100 franchises across Canada. 

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines, outpacing McDonald's, with over 1,400 restaurants across the country. Since the company entered the U.S.-Canada market, it has seen unprecedented growth, opening multiple locations in Ontario and Alberta. By 2023, the company hopes to have 250 stores in North America. Jollibee has over 5,800 stores in 35 countries across the world. 

When the franchise first arrived in Toronto, people lined up around the block to get a taste of Jollibee's chicken. It's a staple fast-food for many people around the world and in Canada, people can't seem to get enough. Jollibee will open its fourth location in Toronto this December. 

Jollibee chicken is famous for its large buckets of chicken, delicious gravy, burgers, and pasta. Everyone raves about how juicy and delicious the chicken is and the spaghetti with ham and hot dogs is renowned. 

There's no specific opening date in Quebec as of yet, but Jollibee representatives tell MTL Blog that "additional areas of focus in the coming year will include Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec."

Jollibee has a simple menu that's loved by people around the world. Favourites include the Jolly Chicken and the Jolly Pasta as well as the Palabok Fiesta and their famous Aloha Yumburgers. 

In Toronto, people flocked to Jollibee's to get the first taste. Line-ups began as early as 8 a.m at the most recent Toronto opening. 

There are currently 7 restaurants across Canada in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta. By 2023, Jollibee plans to have 100 locations across Canada. 

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There is no specific opening date in Quebec, but when there is one, Jollibee will be highly-anticipated. Across the continent, Jollibee's operates 46 stores. 

Jollibee's unique spin on fast-food will likely be warmly welcomed in Montreal. We love Asian food here, especially when fried chicken is part of the menu. 

We're really excited about Jollibee's arrival in Quebec! Fingers crossed that it comes to Montreal.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jollibee's in Quebec, right here on MTL Blog! 

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