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Announcing Montreal's First Ever Pothole Beauty Pageant

Which is the city's most beautiful pothole?
Announcing Montreal's First Ever Pothole Beauty Pageant

What we love about potholes here at MTL Blog is that they provide us with an endless number of stories to share. Readers are constantly sending us photos of their favourite holes in the road. Not only that but we've become friends with many potholes around the city.

We see them every day doing their very best to make us late to work and to destroy our wheels so it's about time we give them some love! 

If you think you've seen a more beautiful pothole than these, send them into @MTLBlog on Instagram with the hashtag: #montrealsprettiestpothole! 

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TL;DR We voted and MTLBlog has finally found some candidates for the city's prettiest pothole. Welcome to Montreal's very first Pothole Beauty Pageant 2019! #montrealsprettiestpothole

What's not to love about potholes? Whenever you encounter one in Montreal (they're everywhere!) they also make our days better by exploding our tires or flipping us over our bike's handlebars. Sometimes, they even twist our ankles, sso not even pedestrians can escape they're impact! 

Here are the nominees for Montreal's prettiest pothole! 

This one found in a Walmart parking lot has all the makings of a great pothole.

The sharp edges and standing water make it a perfect pothole, plus I love those little crumbly bits that show what a big boy pothole it's bound to grow to be.

Even puppers love potholes! This good boy is warning his owner of a potential broken ankle by standing in this pothole and checking it out.

I'm not sure if he's trying to drink the melted snow water... or if those are people's accumulated tears. 

Ah, the classic pothole minefield. Why have one pothole when you can have six?!

Good luck escaping this one unscathed! Location: somewhere in Ville St. Laurent. 

If you thought those were good, wait until you see these ones...

Via MTL Blog

Thisone on Côte-St-Luc Road snakes around and even has neighbours to help him destroy as many tires as possible.

It was difficult to pick just one along Côte-St-Luc Road because that street is pothole paradise.

This one in an unknown location is the perfect balance of healthy pothole and inevitable existential doom.

If you look closely, you can see the reflections of its countless victims in the still water. 

Found in an unknown location, this pothole proves that not all of them are after your tires. In fact, some of them only want to be your friend.

And finally, this pothole, aptly named "The Mordor" is stealing everyone's heart (and hubcaps).

One pothole to rule them all? 

Do you think you've seen a better pothole ?

Well, send it into@MTLBlog on Instagram with the hashtag: ##montrealsprettiestpothole !

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