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Wow, Quebec Man Spotted Spilling $200 Of Gas While He Fills Up His Car (Video)

There's a video going viral this week in Quebec and we honestly don't quite know what to make if it.

The video shows someone refuelling a KIA at a gas station. The person being filmed either has no idea where the nozzle goes or they are unaware the filler neck is no longer connected his gas tank.

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The person filming laughs and says that this guy is must be wasted because he’s up to 200$ of gas". (Roughly Translated)

The man filling up the KIA has no idea this is happening, so he just keeps filling the tank endlessly.

We have so many questions it's hard to know where to start.

First of all, why is the person filming the video not telling the man to stop spilling gas on the floor? Is he just insane, or does he not realize gas is flammable?

Has no one is this video seen Zoolander?

Via giphy

Obviously he is aware, because before the end of the video he exclaims "He's going to blow up the gas station." (Roughly Translated)

And yet he doesn't tell anyone about it and keeps watching. How is he not at all concerned that he is standing a few feet away from giant puddle of gas? 

Now let's get to the person filling up. How oblivious is this person? 

Even if you don't realize the filler neck is no longer connected to the gas tank, how does he not smell all the gas the floor? And how does he not realize that the gas tank of a KIA is not supposed to hold 192$ of gas?

What would you do if you saw this happening? 

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