You & Your Friends Can Actually Go Tubing On The St. Lawrence River In Montreal

No need to go to the Laurentians!
You & Your Friends Can Actually Go Tubing On The St. Lawrence River In Montreal

You know we live to help y'all find a way to cool down in this intense heat... and we've just found something so cool, we thought about keeping it to ourselves.

But then again, tubing is so fun, how could we keep this from you?

So here it is: there is a company in Montreal that will take you and your friends out on a speed boat where you can then go tubing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing, drink beers, listen to your music and even have a BBQ out on the water.

The company, Montreal Wakesurf, is based out of Pointe-aux-Trembles... but lucky for them the 410 bus stops right outside their place, so getting there is actually ridiculously easy.

Once you get there, the Montreal Wakesurf team will take you out on their speedboat and you and your friends can hook up your own music to the Bluetooth sound system, roast some hot dogs on a BBQ and enjoy some awesome watersports.

In addition to tubing, Montreal Wakesurf also offers wakeboard and wakesurfing... as the name would imply. 

Even cooler, you can rent the boat and go out on the water while the amazing Loto-Quebec fireworks show is going on... which I can only imagine is the coolest view ever.

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The crew over at Montreal Wakesurf clearly know what they're doing, because their price breakdown on their website is so perfectly clear I could cry.

Essentially, they give you a breakdown of how much it will cost you based on how many hours you want to be out on the water and how many friends you're going to bring. 

For example, for two hours of fun on the boat with 6 people, everyone only needs to chip in $50 each. That price includes the cost of gas and all the water sports equipment you'd rent.

WHAT: Montreal Wakesurf

WHERE: 12750 rue Notre-Dame Est, Pointe-aux-Trembles

WHEN: Monday to Friday, 9AM to 1AM

COST: Depends on the number of people and duration of the rental. See link below for full price breakdown.

To see the full price break downhead to their website here. And to check out all the cool offers they have, like their weekday sales, head to their Facebook page here.

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