You And Your Friends Will Soon Be Able To Explore Underwater Caves Just 1 Hour From Montreal

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You And Your Friends Will Soon Be Able To Explore Underwater Caves Just 1 Hour From Montreal

Summer in Montreal is full of fun things to do. But let's be honest, our outdoor adventuring options are kind of limited. It takes a long time to travel to places like Tremblant or Outaouais to get your fill of outdoor summer activities.

If you're into underwater cave diving, your options are even more limited as the closest place to go is Thetford Mines, nearly 3 hours away! You intrepid explorers won't have to travel so far in the near future, however. Oka Beach has confirmed plans to go ahead with a new underwater cave diving project. 

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TL;DR Oka Beach will soon open a series of underwater caves for you and your friends to explore, set to open in 2022. Would be adventurers won't have to drive far to enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

This is great news for underwater cave diving enthusiasts. Plongée Nepteau, Montreal's professional diving authority, just announced plans for a new underwater cave renovation to take place near Oka Beach in an old mine. The caves are set to open to the public for summer 2022. Oka municipality will also install a smaller beach that will feature giant trampolines on the water's surface. 

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With the collaboration of local indigenous communities, Oka municipality will start de-contaminating the water in the former metal mine this year. The mine closed in 1976 and has been abandoned since then. According to the report, the deepest part of the cave could be over 30 feet below the surface. 

I hope you're all ready for this experience of a lifetime! Oka will soon become the one-stop-shop for all your summertime activities. Stay tuned for the latest updates on all the best summer activities, right here on MTLBlog!


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