You Can Get 12 Pints Of Beer For Just $40 In Montreal With This 'Beer Passport'

Canadians really do have the best passports.
Friends with pints of beer.

Lately, we keep reading that Canadians have the best passports. We'll be the first in the world to have digital passports and our passports have also ranked as the 4th most powerful in the world. But that's just not good enough for us. 

We demand the best. We demand the most powerful passport in all the world! And I think I've found it. It's called the Passport en Fut and it's a pretty cool concept for beer lovers. 

For $40 you have access to over 80 craft breweries spread across Quebec. Choose your top 12 locations and at each location of your choice, you get a pint of beer or 3 tasting glasses. In Montreal alone, there are over 20 spots to choose from. 

All you have to do is download the app and suddenly you're armed with a Quebec beer drinking passport... well, kind of. But it is a great way to sample some of the lesser known breweries or just get a pint a few bucks cheaper than normal. 

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Choose your microbreweries one after the other, whenever convenient for you. You just need to choose the brewery before entering. That's pretty much all you have to do.

Download the app. Choose your location. Drink. Tip (never forget to tip). Repeat as many times as you want. 

If you can make it out of Montreal check out Le Trèfle Noir Brasserie, for their stout. It's worth the trip. 

And the great thing about this passport is there is no expiry date and if you want to grab another 12 drinks, just fill 'er up on the app. 

Check out the Passport en Fut app and see the full list of participating Montreal breweries here

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