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You Can Now Get 1.5L Of Sangria In A Giant Pink Flamingo In Montreal

Quite possibly the most Instagrammable drink in the city!
You Can Now Get 1.5L Of Sangria In A Giant Pink Flamingo In Montreal

Have you ever just had one of those cravings that you can't get rid of? Well if that craving has to do with drinking 1.5 litres of Sangria from a bright, plastic pink bird's butt then we have the place for you.

JackRose Table & Club is celebrating the launch of their new terrasse with their white sangria aptly named, The Pink Flamingo. This Wednesday is the official launch and you can take advantage of their 5 to 7 special for only $9.25.

And they are just so damn cute. 

JackRose opened earlier this year in the heart of trendy Mile End in a former car repair garage. The tropical (inspired) design makes it the perfect place to throw in a few flamingos. Add in a 1.5L alcoholic beverage and you'll feel like you're vacationing in Florida.    

For the terrasse grand opening 5 to 7 they will also be featuring their salmon and beef tartare for $14 and a bucket of 5 Sol beers at $25

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The new terrasse, covered in artificial grass, sits on St Laurent Boulevard, so you can people watch while you sip your Pink Flamingo. Or more likely, people will watch you.

Like a lot of Montreal restaurants now, JackRose tries to source most of its products locally which is always great. The menu features an assortment of choices but their lobster ravioli with snow crab is my personal choice or if you're looking for something to nibble on the Potatoes Dolphin with truffles is a good and cheap $6 snack. 

If you're a late eater, be aware that JackRose turns into a club/lounge at 10 PM complete with DJ. 

1.5 Litre Sangria at JackRose Garden Terrasse

WHEN: Grand opening on July 24 from 5 PM to 7PM

WHERE: 4560 St Laurent Blvd.

COST: $9.25


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