You Can Get A 10-Litre Pitcher Of Sangria In Montreal This Summer

There's no such thing as too much sangria.
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Giant pitcher of sangria

What's the one thing you want to do during a heatwave? Other than sitting in some air conditioning, I'm sure you want to drink a giant pitcher of something ice cold and alcoholic. Enter the 10-litre sangria. 

At La P'tite Grenouille in the Plateau, you can enjoy awesome music, delicious food, killer vibes, and yes, a 10-litre pitcher of sangria! With so much sangria, you're certain to be chilled out during the heatwave. 

Known for their giant pitchers of beer and incendiary live music events that happen every night, La P'tite Grenouille has established itself as a go-to summer destination by being one of the only Montreal bars that serve the 10-litre sangria pitcher.

Perhaps their greatest invention ever, the 10-litre sangria pitcher comes in both red and white wine varieties at La P'tite Grenouille. They're $80, so either split it between a lot of friends or drown your summertime sadness in 10-litres of sangria. 

Though, I do recommend bringing a few friends. From personal experience, trying to drink 10-litres of anything by yourself is bad news. Honestly, you might need three or more friends to tackle this one. 

You and your friends definitely won't be lacking for fun at La P'tite Grenouille. As you gulp down your sangria pitcher, you can enjoy the pulsing sounds of rock bands that play at the bar every single night.

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You can even rent the bar for a private party! Consider La P'tite Grenouille for your next birthday and get schwasted on 10-litres of sangria. 

La P'tite Grenouille also has a wonderful food menu that's actually quite good for a bar of its kind!

They serve your classic bar food such as burgers and small bites and their poutine is actually spectacular. They have daily specials every day so check back often!

The weekend is upon us so head to La P'tite Grenouille to make it a memorable one!

For more information about La P'tite Grenouille, check out their official website!

WHAT: 10-litre sangria pitchers

WHERE: La P'tite Grenouille 


Teddy Elliot
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