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You Can Get A Box Of Pasta For Only $1 Next Week At This Montreal Pasta Bar
  • To celebrate the launch of all-new food app 'Ritual' arriving in Montreal, Brotelli Pasta Bar is giving away $1 pasta next week.
  • Order with the app and pick up in store for your own $1 box of piping hot pasta.
  • Details below!

One of our favourite Montreal downtown spots to grab a quick bite to eat is offering the promotion of the month. You can get a box of piping hot pasta from Brotelli Pasta Bar for only $1, and no you're not dreaming.

Next week, from September 16 to 20, you can enjoy their best selling Butcher's Fave pasta for the mere cost of a loonie. It's almost too good and too cheap to be true.

I had to see if there was a catch. And it turns out, there isn't one. Seriously. The promotion is celebrating the latest food app to come to Montreal; Ritual. While slightly different than the usual Uber Eats, Door Dash or Skip The Dishes, Ritual allows users to preorder their meals and pick it up at the restaurant without dealing with lineups. 

To take advantage of the Brotelli's special, just download the app, enter your order and pick up your $1 dinner at the René-Lévesque location. There is absolutely no other purchase necessary. 

There is a limit of 4 purchases per person during the week of the promotion and it's only available until 5 p.m.  But that still means your total cost for 4 filling meals is $4, so get your orders in early.

Even though Brotelli's is a quick-service restaurant, they still prioritize using only the freshest ingredients. The Butcher's Fave pasta is a mix of fettuccine, meat sauce, parmesan cheese, and herbs served in a pasta-to-go box reminiscent of Chinese food containers.

And we thought those containers only existed in Hollywood movies!

Less than a year after opening, Brotelli's is already a restaurant staple in Montreal that includes gluten-free and vegetarian choices. 

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The Ritual app is perfect for a to-go restaurant like Brotelli's. Ritual considers itself a 'social ordering app' where you can skip the in-house wait at restaurants and coffee shops, and if you can't get out of the office you can even piggyback off a coworkers order.  

With Ritual, you still have to actually walk to pick up your order, but the Toronto-based app makes the experience so much quicker. 

Start next week off without having to worry about groceries, cooking or if you're broke - just find some change in your pockets and take advantage of this $1 pasta special!

$1 Pasta at Brotelli Pasta Bar

When: Monday, September 16th - Friday, September 20th, 2019

Where: Order on the Ritual app; pick up at 1155 René-Lévesque Blvd 0.

Cost: $1


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