You Can Get A $223 Ticket For Jumping STM Metro Turnstiles In Montreal

Maybe you're better off paying the fare.
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You Can Get A $223 Ticket For Jumping STM Metro Turnstiles In Montreal

Every day, many people that use Montreal's metro system decide that it's a good idea to jump a turnstile. Regardless of how much in a rush you are, you shouldn't be jumping turnstiles. It disrupts other passengers and delays the people behind you that have to wait for you to leap over. Maybe now you'll have a reason to just pay the transit fare. 

According to the STM, you can now get a $223 dollar ticket for jumping a turnstile in the metro. The fine also applies to people who use the back door of a bus to avoid paying.

On average, the STM gives out nearly 10,000 of these tickets every year — that's about 26-30 per day. In fact, turnstile jumpers and other types of fraud cost Montreal's transit authority some $25 million a year in losses. 

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TL;DR If you decide to jump a turnstile or use the back entrance of a bus to avoid paying your transit fare in Montreal, you can be fined a maximum of $223 dollars. STM inspectors will be cracking down on fraudsters this year, as the company loses an estimated $25 million a year on various mischief like turnstile jumping. 

The STM claims that turnstile jumping isn't exclusive to a specific set of individuals. STM inspectors have caught everyone from young and old, from the student to the business person, attempting to jump turnstiles and each one was slapped with a hefty fine. 

According to a report by TVA Nouvellesnearly 15 people per hour jump turnstiles in Montreal's metro system. It's estimated that the high number of fraudsters have to do with the lack of security presence in most metro stations. 

Presently, there are 160 active STM officers working for 68 metro stations and 221 bus lines. They are vastly outnumbered by the daily 1.4 million people who use the STM. Some say that to offset the high numbers of fraud, the STM should remove turnstiles altogether and institute an honour system. 

If you don't think a $223 dollar ticket is that high, think of it this way:

  • That's 68 rides at the standard $3.25 fare
  • That's 18.5 hours of work at the $12 minimum wage
  • That's 56 Starbucks cold brews at $3.95 each

It's kind of pointless to get that ticket if you think about it, no? Before you jump the turnstile, think about the potential consequences. Even if you don't have loose change, the OPUS machines take all major credit and debit cards, so you have no excuse.

Do you really want to get a ticket for nothing? There's no need to jump a turnstile, so just don't!

Overworked STM inspectors are no fun to deal with and hey, you can put $223 to much better use! 


Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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