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You Can Get A Free Bike Helmet Next Week In Montreal

Who doesn't like getting things for free?
Uber Jump

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed red bikes taking over our city.

BIXI bikes, which used to dominate our streets, now have some major competition. UberJUMP bikes, which are powered by an electric motor, are taking Montreal by storm.

Not only do these bikes make your ride easier and more enjoyable, but it is also a bit of a thrill. With speeds that reach 32 kilometres per hour, it is sure to be more exciting than the average bike ride.

The new bikes have gotten some Montrealers into a bit of trouble, however. While BIXI customers can ride its bikes helmet-free, the relatively high speeds of the motorized JUMP bikes place them in a different category.

If you are caught ridding JUMP without a helmet, you are most likely going to get pulled over by the police and handed a fine of $80 along with $47 worth of administrative fee, for a grand total of $127.

Indeed, police are cracking down on those taking advantage of our new transportation option without the proper cranial protection.

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So as a gift to their clients and as a way of promoting safe ridding, Uber JUMP is giving out free helmets next week in Montreal!

Those in the area will be given the opportunity to try out the new bicycles and even score some free gear, including a cycling helmet perfect for zooming through the streets of our construction zone of a city.

This offer is first come first serve, so make sure you get there early to claim your free helmet.

Uber JUMP also offered customers free helmets at the Montreal launch event for the new bikes. 

But though the helmet promotion will supply some locals with some new equipment, of perhaps greater concern are the many tourists who may be eager to try a JUMP bike but ignorant of local by-laws.

Uber JUMP is giving away FREE helmets in Montreal.

When: Tuesday, July 30th fro 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Where: The corner of rues Sainte-Catherine and McGill

Safe biking, Montreal!

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