You Can Get A Free Cactus With The Purchase Of A Latte This Weekend In Montreal

Latte away those winter blues and go home with a new friend at Leaves Café McGill.
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You Can Get A Free Cactus With The Purchase Of A Latte This Weekend In Montreal

In these blustery (almost) winter months, sometimes there's no better thing than a warm latte and the comfort of desert plants to make you feel nice and cozy. Honestly, short of a trip to Cuba, it's the perfect cure for winter blues. Leaves Café McGill is once again the place to cure your winter sadness! This Friday, downtown Montreal's favourite plant-based café is hosting a free cactus event! With the purchase of any regular latte, customers can go home with a free cactus and fill their homes with greenery. 

The event is on all weekend while cactus supplies last! In September, Leaves had a similar event that was a smashing success! If you're one of those who is worried about murdering a plant, not to worry because cacti are some of the most low-maintenance plants out there. 

While you're there, stick around, grab a vegan snack, and catch some natural sunlight in their huge atrium-style café or shop for the latest vegan fashions at the adjoining Leaves House.

As we head into the dead of winter, you'll want to collect as many summer vibes as you can! What better way than to invite a sunny little cactus buddy into your home?

The free cactus event begins this Friday, November 15 and ends on Sunday. Remember that you'll have to buy a regular latte, whether it's almond milk or matcha, to get your cactus! 

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Leaves Café McGill has been open since April and since then, has welcomed a loyal customer base of both students and professionals. This summer, the café expanded to include a vegan fashion boutique. 

The free cactus event is happening in conjunction with the launch of all-new oat milk that'll be available at Leaves. Make sure to try it in your latte!

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Leaves will now be offering a range of Oatly products at their McGill location. The Swedish company has been perfecting products that promote the "general well being of the planet through a lineup of original oat drinks."

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If you've never been to Leaves Café you're in for a treat! They have amazing baristas that lovingly craft a delicious drink every single time.

Their snacks are quite amazing too. Pro tip: try the vegan brownie.

Don't forget! The Leaves Café McGill free cactus event is on all weekend! 

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Free Cactus with the purchase of a latte at Leaves Café McGill!

When: Friday, November 15 – Sunday, November 17

Where: Leaves Café McGill (1800 Avenue McGill College, RDC-A, Montreal, QC)

For more information, check out Leaves Café's Facebook page!

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