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You Can Get Avocado Ice Cream At The Montreal Taco Festival This Month

We already were waiting with bated breath, white-knuckling if you will, the countdown to when Montreal's Taco Fest will kick-off — which is in exactly 25 days.

But just when we thought we couldn't possibly be more excited for the feast of tacos, churros, and tequilas that awaited us, they go ahead and tease us with the newest concoction: avocado ice cream.

As you can never have too much avocado, this bad boy is even nestled inside the hollowed-out peel of an avocado. It's like Inception but of a Mexican fruit kind. 

We are still waiting on the vendor line-up for TacoFest, so we're not sure yet who's serving up this perfectly delicious and brilliantly executed ice cream. But we have to have some. 

This is going to be the biggest taco party ever. With over 150 different tacos to choose from, hot sauces, nachos, empanadas and everything in between, it may be impossible to fit in all the sampling we want to do. Scratch that...need to do

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Ice cream is a huge draw for this year and it's not just of the avocado variety (though that's nearly enough). You can also get taco ice cream in a waffle shell or get your ice cream in a cone made of cinnamon churro goodness. 

Or even check out the ice cream taco sundaes

Have no fear, if you prefer your avocados more mashed than frozen, there will be a ton of guacamole for you to taste. You can even learn how to make the perfect guac at their interactive cooking class where you get to taste all the recipes. 

Avocado Ice Cream At This Year's TacoFest

WHEN: August 31 to September 2

WHERE: Jacques-Cartier Jetty, Commune Street E.

COST: Tickets start at $ 7.95


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