You Can Get Free Root Beer At A&W Locations Across Montreal This Weekend

If it's free, it's for me.
You Can Get Free Root Beer At A&W Locations Across Montreal This Weekend

Get out your party supplies. Did you know this month we're celebrating Free Root Beer Day? Either did we! But we wholly support any celebration that starts in 'Free' and ends in 'beer.'

And as the root beer giants they are, A&W is celebrating in the best way they know how; by giving out free root beer to all on July 20th

While this may be 100% an initiative started by A&W and 100% only carried out by A&W, we still applaud their philanthropic ways

With temperatures soaring through July, this is the perfect cool, frosty-mugged treat. The giveaway isn't just limited to Montreal, all locations across the country are participating


I have to say A&W leaves me a little nostalgic. Remember floats? Those ice-cold glasses filled with root beer and vanilla ice cream were what summers were all about. 

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The drink is made from cane sugar and, best of all, flavoured naturally

"Again and again our guests tell us that they're amazed that something so good can come from such simple ingredients," said Susan Senecal, A&W Canada's President and Chief Executive Officer.

There is a limit of one per person. But there is no purchase necessary, you can still check out their entire menu here

The promotion is only happening for one day, so take advantage of it if you can. As soon as the clock strikes 12 on June 20, you can get a free drink!

To find the nearest A&W near you, Check out their location finder here

WHAT: Free A&W Root Beer

WHEN: July 20, 2019

WHERE: A&W Restaurants across Canada, find your location via the link above.


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