You Can Get Mojito Popsicles In Montreal This Summer

Not to mention the fact that you can get popsicles for your dog!
You Can Get Mojito Popsicles In Montreal This Summer

We all need that perfectly refreshing drink in the summer. For some of us, that's a nice, cold beer. Others prefer a glass of white wine, or even a nice summery cocktail.

However, I urge you to drop all of those immediately and make the boozy popsicle your drink of choice for the summer. POP Culture, a popsicle store just outside of Montreal, has a whole selection of amazing boozy popsicles.

This summer, the boutique popsicle store is dropping their new Mojito-flavoured pop, and it's going to be your new favourite way to enjoy the minty, citrusy drink.

The store has so many awesome popsicle flavours to try: they've already released the refreshing gin and tonic, and the very Canadian Caesar pospsicle. All of the popsicles are handmade.

However, they don't just sell alcoholic pops. The owner, Julia, says that there's a different kind of flavour for every mood. Her personal favourites? The pink grapefruit, or the chocolate pop, which is a "fudgesicle on steroids."

They even have popsicles for dogs! The popsicles are served on a carrot stick, and come in different healthy flavours.

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The store is located in the cute city of Hudson, and it looks adorable. However, you can also find POP culture popsicles at many locations in the city, like Koa Lua and Escondite.

They even make special custom-order posicles. For example, POP culture made a special "creamy miso" pop for the restaurant Hanzo.

Their newest flavour, the Mojito pop, will be released "very soon," according to store owner Julia. We can't wait to try what is most definitely going to be a refreshing treat.

Pop Culture

What: An adorable popsicle store.

Where: 33 Yacht Club Road, Hudson, Quebec.

Why you should go: For their amazing boozy popsicles and their adorable décor.

For more information about the store and where you can find their treats, check out their Facebook page.

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