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You Can Get Popcorn Chicken For Just $1.99 At Burger King In Montreal Right Now

For the change in your pocket, it's a pretty good deal.
You Can Get Popcorn Chicken For Just $1.99 At Burger King In Montreal Right Now

We've got chicken strips, chicken nuggets, spicy chicken nuggets, chicken fries and now we have popcorn chicken for those of us that need more chicken shapes to choose from.   

Burger King has just announced the newest member of their chicken family lineup and they're offering it up for only $1.99.

Each order comes with 10 pieces of chicken and choice of dip. But it's for a limited time only!

The burger giant released the epic movie-like ad on their CanadianTwitter account @burgerkingcan and while most people were completely on board, there was one person that thought they could have used more enticing verbiage: 

The bite-sized morsels are only available in Canada, though they did offer them to the US back in 2010.  Maybe they're just using us Canadians for test purposes for our southern neighbours? 

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Burger King seems to be trying to switch it up lately with new menu options instead of only the burgers they're known for, like introducing the $1 taco (for better or for worse they were only available in the US).  

Some people greeted the popcorn chicken special with enthusiasm while other's seemed a little less than enthused.

But for the price, less than a toonie, it seems like an OK risk to take. 

No coupon is required to take advantage of the special. All you have to do is turn up to your nearest Burger King, order your chicken and choose from the list of dipping sauce: BBQ, Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Sweet and Sour or Zesty.

While the popcorn chicken is for a limited time only, we hope we hope they stick around and maybe include a popcorn chicken poutine. 

$1.99 Popcorn Chicken at Burger King

WHEN: For a limited time only

WHERE: Locations across Canada. Find your nearest location here.

COST: $1.99


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