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You Can Go Bar Hopping With Friends On This Giant Party Bike In Montreal

Kill two birds with one stone and bike to the trendiest bars near you.
Party bike in Montreal.

Sometimes you just want to go to the bar with your friends and sometimes you realize you've been glued to your couch binging Stranger Things for the good part of the day and maybe it's time to put some pants on and do something active.

Well, there's good news, you can do both. But it will still require pants. 

Vélos Festif is the group party bike if you want to visit some of Montreal's trendiest areas and aren't too embarrassed to do it while peddling on a giant sideways facing bike that fits 16-18 of your closest friends or strangers.  

There are quite a few different tours to choose from, but if you want to check out some of Montreal's bar areas, then we wholeheartedly recommend the Little Italy Sangria Tour, the Rosemont Brewpub Tour or at the very least the quintessential Mont-Royal Nightlife Tour

And hey, if you just want to peddle to your heart's content, then you can choose the Weekend Afternoon Picnic (which runs from Friday through to Sunday), where you are still treated to a beer.   

Just look at how professional it all is: 

But don't let their blaring music fool you, it's still active and informational

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They all run about an hour and a half, just enough to make you feel like you've done something active but no so long that you're a panting, sweaty mess. 

It can still be bit of a workout — because of course there will be people who aren't pulling their own weight. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Karen. But it's a great, albeit strange way to check out Montreal

Before anyone asks, and I made sure to check...perhaps a few times; can't drink while aboard.

WHAT: Vélos Festif Party Bike Tours

WHEN: Check out Vélos Festif's available times here

WHERE: Dependent on what package you choose.

COST: From $39.99 to $54.99 per person


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