You Can Now Get Colombian-Style Mango Desserts In Montreal

Oui Mango is the perfect summer treat!
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You Can Now Get Colombian-Style Mango Desserts In Montreal

During a heat-wave, Montrealers tend to seek the refuge of air conditioning and cold treats. As you know, we're in for a huge heat-wave this week and you'll need to find a place you can retreat to if it gets too hot!

If it's air conditioning and treats you're looking for, you ought to head to Plaza Alexis-Nihon on Atwater and find the Oui Mango stand, because Eater Montreal has tipped us off to what is sure to be one of Montreal's new fave summer treats.

Oui Mango is a brand-new dessert stand in the sprawling downtown mall that serves Colombian-inspired mango cups. If you've been to Latin America, you're already familiar with this insanely delicious street food. No flights required to try this treat anymore! 

In Colombia, this delicious dessert is called mango biche and is enjoyed by everyone in street-side fruit stands and carts all over the country. Oui Mango finally brings that tradition to Montreal! 

Whether you like your mango sweet or spicy, Oui Mango has a range of customizable ingredients for you to enjoy. Traditionally, mango biche is eaten with salt and lime but sometimes, you can find things like Tajin seasoning, honey, and even condensed milk. 

At Oui Mango in Plaza Alexis-Nihon, you'll find all these ingredients and more! You can order your mangoes spiralled or cubed depending on your taste. They even have maple syrup to top your mango with!

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Oui Mango makes the perfect summer treat! Colombian mango biche is great for someone who's looking for something other than ice cream to cool off those warm summer days. 

And unlike ice cream, you can eat mangoes relatively guilt-free! Mangoes are one of the best fruits to eat and are packed with essential vitamins and fibre. At only 100 calories per mango, you best believe that a treat at Oui Mango will fit into that meal plan of yours. 

Oui Mango also serves Colombia-style fruit juices like passionfruit and you can even get a pineapple biche if you're not down for mangoes! The sky's the limit at Oui Mango!

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Head on down to Oui Mango in Plaza Alexis-Nihon before the heat-wave gets too rough! You won't have to leave the comfort of air conditioning if you're coming from the metro, so double bonus. 

Enjoy your mango biche, Montreal!

WHAT: Oui Mango Colombian mango biche

WHEN: Opening hours are as follows...

Tuesday: 10 AM - 6PM
Wednesday to Friday: 10AM - 9PM
Saturday 9AM - 5PM
Sunday & Monday: 10AM - 5PM

WHERE: Plaza Alexis-Nihon, 1500 Atwater 

COST: $4 - $6 depending on size

For more information head to their website here. To read the original Eater Montreal article, head to their page here.

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