You Can Now Order Starbucks For Delivery In Montreal

Caffeine delivered right to your face 🤤☕
Starbucks coffee

If you, like me, have been thinking all along that UberEats would be the one to finally offer that sweet, sweet Starbucks delivery: we were both wrong.

Somehow, apparently, DoorDash has swooped in and are now the new saviour to my soul.

You see, as a freelancer who often works from home... when I'm out of coffee and hustling to publish one of my groundbreaking weather pieces first thing in the morning, I often succumb to coffee delivery. I'm not proud. I know it's wrong.

Even worse... I dream of Starbucks delivery.

Sure, sure, McDonald's exists and, honestly, their coffee is better. And cheaper. But they don't have decaf iced coffee and I'm a loser and I have to drink decaf or my old, weathered body quivers with ingested anxiety. Sue me.

So yes, when I'm not supporting my local coffee shop, I have been known to stop into a Starbucks to order a massive decaf iced americano in my massive reusable Starbucks cup. 

Again, sue me. And you know what? Keep the litigator on the line... cause you'll want to sue me again when I tell you: I'm probably going to order Starbucks delivery in the very near future. 

Thanks, DoorDash.

And, of course, Starbucks doesn't do just coffee. They've got sandwiches and those little egg bites and smoothies.

I wonder if they'll deliver bags of beans so I can make my own coffee at home? 

I also imagine that you'll be able to order to the library or your dorm if you're up studying late. Now, if they deliver to your sorry ass late enough will likely depend on whether or not there's a nearby location that is open late (or 24 hours, if you're really screwed).

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DoorDash just recently made their foray into the Montreal food delivery scene, so they've got two solid promotions going on right now. 

First, when you sign up you get 30 days free of delivery over $10, just for creating an account.

Second, they've also got a contest going until September 8th. When you order food you'll be entered to win random prizes, including up to $1000 in free food deliveries. Yas.

Below is a screenshot showing my order for Starbucks, which shows free delivery. And can you imagine the price of that coffee if it wasn't!?


Service obviously relies on whether or not you're in their delivery zones. Currently, DoorDash is serving Ahuntsic, Cartierville, Côte-des-Neiges, Décarie, Lachine, Monkland, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, TMR, Westmount, and Ville Saint-Laurent.

For details on delivery zones or to download the app, head to their website here.