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You Can Play Beach Volleyball At This Montreal Bar By The Lachine Canal

Us Montreal locals are blessed with so many amazing boroughs and I think we can all agree that Saint Henri is one of the city’s trendiest and coolest neighbourhoods.  

Saint Henri has become home to many of the cities best barsand restaurants. There are so many options in the area that at times, it can be a little overwhelming.  

However, I can say with confidence, that there is no bar in the area, or the city for that matter, that offers its clients with the same amenities as Riverside St Henri, especially not in the summer.  

Throughout the much-needed heat, we have all been desperately craving a place like Riverside St. Henri where you can go and cool off with a delicious cocktail or a nice refreshing beer.  

The open-air environment, which is nestled along the famous Lachine Canal, is a dream spot for any locals looking to enjoy our amazing, yet short summer. Although this bar is open all year round, the summer really is their time to shine.

Not only can you and your friends play foosball or arcadegames, but every corner is insanely photogenic, making it a great spot for that perfect Instagram shot you have been needing.  

If you are not already sold, just wait.  

Riverside also has a beach area with a volleyball and basketball court and where you can play. I mean how cool is that!  

As if this bar didn’t offer enough, they also allow for you to come with your four-legged bestie. Not only do they accept dogs, they love dogs on their terrace!  

Who knew that there was a bar with a beach where you can play volleyball in Montreal with your dog, while enjoying a cold brew?

Summer time in Montreal just got even better! 

Riverside St-Henri

Where: 5020 Rue Saint Ambroise  

When: Every Thursday to Sunday from 1 pm to 3 am

Why go? Great cocktails at a dog-friendly bar that has beach-volleyball courts, foosball and more.

Check out their website here.

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