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You Can Race Your Friends Down Montreal Hills In Giant Bubble Balls This Summer

For people that don't take their competitions too seriously.
You Can Race Your Friends Down Montreal Hills In Giant Bubble Balls This Summer

If you've attended one too many food fests this year or drank one too many pitchers of sangria you can work off some of those calories by climbing into a giant plastic ball and racing your friends down a mountain

This is just another awesome thing to do in a city with so many things to do!

The Montreal company, iZorb, lets you unleash your inner adrenaline junkie by taking high-speed adventures encased in an inflated bubble down a hill. 

Zorbs are giant bubble balls that basically make you feel like you're being given a loose hug from a huge piece of bubble wrap. But if you're racing down a hill at top speeds, this is what you want hugging you if you want to be protected

iZorb has four different options to choose from: 

TheHamster Race where you race your opponents to a finish line, complete with a referee.

If you're less competitive and more into pure speed you can choose The Straight Fall.

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The Zig Zag Fall lets you put your bubble skills into action in a shaped course (this is not as easy as it sounds).

And my personal favorite is Zorb Combat where you and an opponent fight for control of the other's base. The rules on this one are loose. 

If you want your legs free, and running around like a drunken sumo wrestler without the use of your arms doesn't bother you, there is always the option of bubble ball soccer.

It's hilarious to watch (if you like watching people fall over and then wiggle around like a turtle on its back); let me tell you from experience, actually exhausting to play. 

Prices vary depending on the activity and number of participants.

To request a quote and to make a reservation, refer to the iZorb website here!

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