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You Can Smoke Weed All Day At This Free Reggae Party In The Olympic Park Next Week

Pull-Up Selecta aux Jardineries also has food, beer, and so much more!
Montreal Olympic Park

In a magnificent little outdoor Montreal beer garden known as Les Jardineries is an event that just screams "perfect summer party!"

For the past few summers, Les Jadineries, a venue in the Montreal Olympic Park, has been hosting incredible weekly cultural events with a focus on local music, art, food, and more! Les Jardineries opens this weekend with a huge party but next week is going to be sweet!

Montreal dub collective, Pull-Up Selecta,is organizing an incredible FREE dub and reggae event at the city's Les Jardineries as part of the space's amazing lineup of summer festivals. 

An employee at Les Jardineries also confirmed that participants are, indeed, allowed to consume cannabis on site as long as they're respectful and avoid the terrasse and kids' areas. So, yes, you can smoke weed at the reggae party.

Pull-Up Selecta is a crew of six artists from six unique backgrounds and musical tastes. Since 2014, founding fathers Don Mescal and Formal G have united a collective under the love of dub and reggae. They've been performing at festivals and venues all around Montreal since their inception. 

They're the masters of dub here in Montreal and they're coming to Les Jardinieres next weekend for what's looking to be July's vibey-ist show! Don Mescal and his crew of incredible musicians will be entertaining you all day and night long!

Along with Pull-Up Selecta's music, Les Jardineries will also have an assortment of games and all-ages activities. Since it is a beer garden, after all, Les Jardineries prominently features some of the best local microbreweries.

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Les Jardineries is a venue that prioritizes citizen engagement and spontaneous cultural activities. It's a collective space at the foot of the Olympic Stadium, located in a previously forgotten and closed-off esplanade. 

The venue has certainly helped revitalize the once drab expanse adjacent to the stadium.

Next week's dub and reggae fest, along with the many other cultural events happening this summer at the venue, is part of a collective effort to make use of and revitalize Montreal's Olympic Park. 

Did we mention Les Jardineries has an outdoor pizza oven on-site? Not only will you get to enjoy the best summer music and refreshing beer, but pizza too? I'll see you all there!

Pull-Up Selecta will be at Les Jardineries for a FREE dub and reggae fest next weekend on July 26th, 2019!

Check out the event on Facebook here!

Here's everything you need to know.

WHAT: Pull-Up Selecta aux Jardineries

WHERE: L’Esplanade Financière Sun Life (4115 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin)

WHEN: July 26th, 2019, 4 PM to 11 PM


Facebook event.

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