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You Will Soon Be Able To Pay STM Bus Fare With Just Your Debit/Credit Card In Montreal

Massive changes will be introduced to the city's public transit system this year.
You Will Soon Be Able To Pay STM Bus Fare With Just Your Debit/Credit Card In Montreal

We've all wished at some point during our daily commute in the city that we could just pull out our debit or credit card to pay the required fare. 

Simply put, it's just an easier way to pay. You don't have to worry about loading your card like you frequently have to with OPUS, you probably never forget your debit card somewhere and end up having to miss your bus to go find it, plus then all of your expenses are on one card. Really, it would just make life easier.

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TL;DR STM has announced that 2019 will introduce big changes to Montreal's public transit, including the potential for commuters to pay bus fare via credit or debit card. More information below.

Well, it looks like 2019 might just be a lucky year for STM users. According to the chairman of the city's public transit, big projects will be taking place this year that will totally change your commuting experience. 

Soon, the public transit agency could give passengers the option to pay their fare on buses by credit or debit card instead of having to use an OPUS card. 

Although it's not yet announced when exactly this new payment method will be introduced to the city, we can expect that it'll defintiely make public transit a lot easier to navigate.

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Not only will Montrealers benefit from the change, but think about tourists and visitors to the city who might not have the time (or neccessity) for an OPUS card.

The chairman of the STM also added that most of the new projects will extend into 2020 and beyond, so there's the possibility that the wait might be a little longer than expected.

Stay tuned for more information on the STM's upcoming changes.

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