A Look At Montreal's New REM Trains (PHOTOS)

They'll have wifi, air conditioning and heat.

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. After a much-hyped arrival in Montreal, the first REM cars were unveiled at last on Monday morning in Brossard. 

Lucky for you, MTL Blog got a first-hand look at what the new REM trains look like inside and out. 

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Complete with the latest innovations in commuter train technology, a ride on the REM is looking to be a pretty smooth experience.

Air-conditioning, heat, wifi, and universal accessibility will ensure a comfortable ride for everyone.

JF Savaria via Réseau Express Metropolitain

Fully automated, the trains include windows at the very front for panoramic views of the metropolitan area.

JF Savaria via Réseau Express Metropolitain

JF Savaria via Réseau Express Metropolitain

The first cars will be tested on the South Shore during the winter to see how they hold up in Montreal's weird and wonderful weather. 

Though construction was delayed thanks to the pandemic and a sudden explosion in the Mount Royal Tunnel, REM structures continue to go up and the whole network is set to be operational by the end of 2024.