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Your Monthly STM OPUS Card Is Valid For One Extra Day Every Month

In case you forgot to refill yours.
Your Monthly STM OPUS Card Is Valid For One Extra Day Every Month

Good morning Montreal!

Today is the first of the month and like many other people who use monthly STM OPUS cards you probably recently reloaded yours.

After all nobody wants to wait in line to refill their cards today, that’s why so many people choose to either subscribe to OPUS l’Annee or they refill their card in advance to make sure it's always ready to go.

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Then there are those of us who like to procrastinate, who wait until the last minute, or who simply just forget to refill their OPUS cards.

But it turns out you don't actually need to worry if you haven’t refilled it yet, because your STM OPUS card is still valid for one extra day every month!

This might not come as news to some, but we asked around and realized that there were actually a lot of people out there who didn’t know that their STM OPUS card from the previous month is still valid on the first day of the following month. 

So if you paid for monthly pass in March, it still works on April 1st.

Seriously, this is not an April fool's joke. 

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We tried to find some details about this on the STM's website but came up short.

However, I tested it out myself this morning to make sure it still worked and yes, it's very real.

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