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Your Horoscope For This Fall In Montreal

Here comes a retrograde...
Your October November Horoscope For This Fall 2019 In Montreal Based On Your Zodiac Sign
  • What is your Fall Horoscope for 2019 in Montreal?
  • We're looking at astrological indicators to highlight the months of October and November for each Zodiac sign.
  • Find out what to expect professionally, romantically and in areas of health and happiness this fall based on your Zodiac sign below!

Since we've just experience the Fall Equinoix, we thought it time to do a Fall Horoscope for Montreal, looking at what's been achieved in September and what you and your Zodiac sign can expect in October and November 2019.

We've got Mars, Venus, and Mercury all doing a dance with the Sun in Libra right now, as we move out of Virgo season. So how will these planets impact your upcoming months as they slide through your Astrological houses?

Plus, Mercury enters stationary retrograde October 31st, goes direct on November 20th and finally leaves the retrograde zone on December 7th.

Mercury is the planet of communication, so a retrograde usually means there's about to be a lot of mis-communication. Even self-communication can get muddled and decision making can run amok. With a retrograde in Scorpio for most of November, we're going to be tested in all things intimate.

If you don't know your Sun sign (which speaks to your personality), just find your birthday below!

To check in on other aspects of your birth chart, like your Moon sign (emotions & inner self), Rising sign (appearance & attitude) or Venus sign (love style) - you'll need to calculate your birth chart

Then, come back here and take a look at how the different aspects of your astrological chart can play into the different parts of your life, like your professional and romantic life, as well as your overall health and happiness.

Time to dive in!

Aries | march 21 - april 19

Professional Life: September was really about getting yourself to a place where you felt your career was in line with your life. So benefit from that hard work, keep your head down and stay productive... a retrograde is coming, and Scorpio season may try to knock you off balance.

Romantic Life: With the sun in your seventh house of partnership, you may find you've got more of a desire for companionship, support and external energy... perhaps with someone you've seen in a new light in the recent past.

Health and Happiness: Just as romantic relationships are being adjusted, you'd also be wise to consider carefully who your time is spent on, even platonically. Superficial cheer will quickly drain you, so keep up the good habits you've been building throughout September and focus on people that give you those deep conversations.

Taurus | april 20 - may 20

Professional Life: September was just a blessing of creativity and inspiration, wans't it!? So don't be surprised if you start to feel like, "Wait, when tf did I take on so much work?!" Just go sit your ass down at Bar Darling and get to work. October is going to connect you with the people you need - so be open and inviting and ready for change.

Romantic Life: Apparently, hustle is life for you, right now, Taurus. Unless you're already in a serious relationship, forget the frivolous shit. Maybe you can re-download Tinder after the retrograde...

Health and Happiness: September was a blast wasn't it? Now... time for the hard stuff. That naturally-attracted good energy won't come so freely in the months to come, so try to keep all hands on deck AKA eat good, move your butt and try to get to bed at a reasonable hour, okay?

Gemini | may 21 - june 20

Professional Life: October is going to feel like a real levelling out for you, Gemini. You'll be able to set the cruise control a little bit and invite more discourse with colleagues instead of feeling like you're in near-crisis-mode. Use Libra season to perfect your work/life balance.

Romantic Life: You may have felt off with a romantic interest lately, but stability is coming as you shift to a place that is more social and inviting. Time to be the autumnal nymph you love to be, Gemini. Get out there and revel in the Montreal colours.

Health and Happiness: It's time to reconnect to your community after recent time spent focusing on your home and keeping things really inner-circle. Let yourself rely on those who care about you and watch amazing things happen.

Cancer | june 21 - july 22

Professional Life: You were definitely a social butterfly throughout September, which only benefitted your professional and personal progression, Cancer. So don't be surprised if you find yourself craving some shell time in October. Try your best to keep up appearances and use this inner-self time to put you in tune with how co-workers may be feeling.

Romantic Life: While September had you finding a new understanding of a relationship, or your idea of a relationship in general, you may find yourself relatively unconcerned with love in October. Try to keep it together through the retrograde and by the end of November, Scorpio season should deliver romance that is creative and fun and everything you imagined.

Health and Happiness: The key going into Scorpio season for you, Cancer, is not letting the outside pressure get to you. Continue to invite visitors around to provide fun, lively discussions that can balance out the pressures of work and try not to take anything too personally.

Leo | july 23 - august 22

Professional Life: You've been on a good path lately, Leo. Giving your goals your all, as you're good at... but also holding back a bit and letting things unfold organically. Now it's time to kick it into high-gear. You're going to feel the need for more personal security mid-October, as the moon travels into your second house of money, possessions and income.

Romantic Life: You've certainly been putting yourself out there, Leo, there's no question about that. And with Venus in your third house, hopefully, those seeds you've been planting near home reap some romance soon. Perhaps... there's already someone you look up to that has you swooning?

Health and Happiness: With Saturn and Pluto playing in your sixth house you may have been feeling a little on the dark side lately, but Jupiter on the horizon promises that your deep internal dwellings pay off - education and wisdom sometimes take a little elbow grease, but they're worth it.

Virgo | august 23 - september 22

Professional Life: You've been smart with your money recently, and that always pays off. With lots of action in your second house of money, possessions and income, you've been truly fulfilled and well-rounded lately - you're only going to feel more and more of that as we wait for Uranus to enter your tenth house.

Romantic Life: Pluto, the great revealer, is in your fifth house of romance dancing along with Saturn, who can often bring loss, or be a teacher when you need to... well, see the light.

Health and Happiness: You've been wise to slow the hell down and take care of yourself lately, Virgo. It was your season, after all. Now, as we enter Libra season, you can try to regain that balance and reinvite those who love you back into your life a little bit. Embrace open communication - including with yourself.

Libra | september 23 - october 22

Professional Life: There's no question shit is busy for you right now, Libra. Mars is giving you strength and courage to go headfirst for your goals - just don't blow it by being a big mouth. While October promises to be amazing, prepare for that Mercury retrograde.

Romantic Life: The full moon in October that will happen in your house of the unconscious, along with Venus, lends itself to a very deep connection, for longterm partners and new romantic connections.

Health and Happiness: Oh baby, Libra, we got a lot going on. The sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury all chilling in your first house of self like what even is this Libra season? Don't let the nature of the season spook you, if you're feeling like it's all too much, look to those around you to lighten your load.

Scorpio | october 23 - november 21

Professional Life: Don't hesitate to apologize for past mis-steps if you've been a little less-than-present lately, Scorpio. A sorry can go a long way, and help in you actually getting where you want to be, professionally.

Romantic Life: While they say you shouldn't mix business and pleasure... rules were sometimes made for breaking. Venus opposite Uranus could shake things up, if you're coupled up.

Health and Happiness: The tension of all this planetary action in Libra is enough to make a Scorpio squirm, so embrace getting physical this fall so you don't go mental.

Sagittarius | november 22 - december 21

Professional Life: Jupiter in your house of self is like hell yes, we are going to become the very best version of ourself as possible. Your recent prominence in work or social circles may result in a leadership role. Yas. Thinking outside the box encouraged.

Romantic Life: With Chiron in your house of Romance, things might not go very smoothly for you right now, Sag. If you're not feeling on the same page as your partner, open up and appreciate being in different places, together.

Health and Happiness: The full moon in October will be telling, maybe a bit intense, but overall perfect for transformation and growth - which always result in happiness. Perhaps some of these things are... waiting for you at the gym?

Capricorn | december 22 - january 19

Professional Life: The restlessness you've been feeling lately means its time to redefine what you really want out of life, Cap. You want to assert yourself, so do it. The higher-ups have noticed your efforts.

Romantic Life: Where love and money intersect is within the realms of security, home, partnership and safety. With Jupiter taking care of your own sense of inner self, use this time to really consider what those previously mentioned realms mean to you. You could be in it for the long haul.

Health and Happiness: With Pluto and Saturn in your first house of self you may have been feeling some internal reassessments lately, which not a bad thing, even though sometimes it feels like it. Navel-gazing, spiritual or not, can be very fulfilling.

Aquarius | january 20 - february 18

Professional Life: Not that you would ever need to be asked twice to consider more education, but with intense action in the area of your chart concerned with education, religion, travel, and philosophy, this could be your wisest next step, Aquarius. Lord knows you love to expand your mind.

Romantic Life: Patience is key to real love, and real love can't be beat. Don't think about it too much, just let it happen. You never know how the people you open up to may impact you... or who they might introduce you to. The new moon at the end of September promise more fun and the spark of romance.

Health and Happiness: You might not have the best public reputation right now, for whatever reason, but luckily you're not concerned and even more importantly, it says less about you than it does about those talking. You know you're on the right track, Aquarius, and Jupiter in your 11th house is seeing to your success.

Pisces | february 19 - march  20

Professional Life: You've had a bit of a taste of influence recently, with Jupiter in your tenth house of career and reputation, making professional growth is inevitable, particularly because now that you've had a taste, you really want it.

Romantic Life: Was there the spark of a new relationship in your life recently? Or was that a fuse that has been burning and is about to blow? You've got a lot going on in your houses of relationships and romantic partnerships, so decide if this is a puzzle you're thirsty to solve... or not.

Health and Happiness: Friendships have been your primary focus as of late, Pisces, and emotional wellbeing is as important as any other. You'll want to expend a little more energy starting in November, but don't overdo it... and embrace a nice fall nap where necessary.

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