Montrealer Given "Fake" $2 Coins From Taxi Driver In The City

Look before you drop in your change purse.

Getting shortchanged by a cab driver is never okay, but what about when you get a different currency entirely? That's what happened to Montrealer Kaled Ent.

Ent, when getting change back from his cabbie, thought he was getting back a couple of toonies. Instead, he got two bimetallic coins from another country entirely. A little miffed, Ent posted a photo of his foreign coins on Instagram.

We're not experts on international currency, but the coins look to be two 500 rial coins from Iran. If that's the case then Ent got a sore deal. Do let us know if we're wrong on the identification though.

Realistically, this was just an honest mistake. The coins do look like toonies, so the hashtag of "frauds everywhere" is a little harsh. Plenty of coins around the globe look pretty similiar to the toonie, even the new British pound. Just take a glance as to what you're given next time you get your change back.

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