Montrealer Sells "Ice Cold Lemonade" At Mont-Royal Metro When It's -25°C Outside

When it's cold outside, like it has been in Montreal over the past week, a few types of drinks will instantly make your life better. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, all are gifts from the gods when you're freezing, because they're inherent heat will warm your body and soul. Lemonade, not so much.

Setting up outside of Mont-Royal metro, folks from Petit Petit Gamin decided to have some fun, and sell ice cold lemonade in subzero temperatures. The response from Montrealers was chilly at best, with some pretty hilarious reactions seen when the winter lemonade stand troupe offered passersby some lemon drank.

See how the winter lemonade stand outside of Mont-Royal metro went down below, and head to Petit Petit Gamin's YouTube page for more.

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