Montreal Ranked #1 Happiest Social Media City In Canada

Photo cred - Ed Hawco

Everyone knows that Montreal is the best city in Canada, but it's now apparently also the happiest, according to social media. Researchers at the University of Ottawa, led by professor Abdulmotaleb El Saddik of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, analyzed over 100,000 tweets coming out of Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax, looking at the use of hashtags and emoticons to determine each city's happiness levels.

The study compiled and categorized 47 separate hashtags, including #angry, #happy, #sad, etc., and found that Montrealers were indeed the happiest tweeters overall, while Edmontonans were the saddest with 5% to 12% sadder tweets compared to all other cities.

Other specifics of the study show that (while our nightlife may be the bestest), Halifax demonstrated 17% higher happy weekend tweets as compared to cities like, say, Vancouver, and Vancouver ranked 13.8% higher in positive morning tweets versus nighttime tweets.

Unsurprisingly, major city events, such as hockey games for example, majorly impacted mood results, and just based on how well the Habs are doing this season, only makes sense. #GoHabsGo


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