Quebecers Ranked #1 Biggest Drinkers In Canada

Just another way we beat Ontario.
Quebecers Ranked #1 Biggest Drinkers In Canada

Photo cred - J Trav

If the holiday season proved anything, it's that we Montrealers like to drink, and a report by Statistics Canada can now officially confirm that we are in fact the biggest drinkers in all the land.

Yes, Quebec ranks #1 as biggest consumers of alcohol by volume compared to the rest of Canada, excluding the territories, drinking 144 litres of alcoholic beverages per person of legal drinking age, with only Alberta coming a close second at 134 litres per person.

Not only that, we also hold the title for out-drinking other provinces when it comes to specific types of alcohols. Most notably, Quebec loves its red wine more than anyone else with 16.2 litres per adult in 2013, and we also enjoy our gin, brandy, sparkling wines, and other wines excluding whites better as well. BC holds the title for biggest white wine consumers, go figure. We also don't hold a candle when it comes to rum as Newfoundland and Labrador guzzled down a whopping 101.2 litres.

At least Quebec doesn't pay the most for alcohol compared to the rest of the nation. We place third in that respect with an average expenditure of $805 per adult in 2013. Newfoundland and Labrador earn top billing with $1,016 per adult, but only because some of their alcohols retail for more than it does here. Guess the SAQ is doing something right after all.

Needless to say, Montrealers like to drink and drink often we do, but you probably already knew that, didn't you.

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