Montrealers Are Attacking People At Their Jobs

Protesters are getting violent.
Montrealers Are Attacking People At Their Jobs

Last Sunday's white nationalist protest, organized by Le Meute, got violent when an anti-facist group launched a counter-protest. 

Which side started the violence is unclear, since reports are conflicting. 

Caught in the middle, however, were two journalists, who, when filming the anti-facist protest, were attacked by the group.

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One journalist had their camera smashed, another was pushed down a staircase, says Global News, where the two journalists work. 

And members of the far-left group, known as the Black Bloc, promise to keep doing much of the same. 

Montreal Counter-info, a website that describes itself as a "space for anarchists in Montreal to diffuse their ideas and actions," released a written response to justify the targeting of journalists. 

Posted anonymously and titled "No face, no camera: In defence of smashing corporate media," the post is essentially a warning to journalists. 

"Sometimes, it is necessary to go against what the mainstream considers 'acceptable', to break the law in order to do the ethical thing" says the post. 

The anarchist group's rationale is that, any form of video footage taken of a protester can be used against them.

Since "corporate media" is aligned with unjust systems of power and oppression, any camera footage taken by a journalist can quickly be turned into police evidence. 

"The corporate media has always furthered the interests of the class that provides its funding" says the post, then reiterating their stance: 

If journalists continue to document the actions of the Black Bloc, then journalists will continue to be assaulted. 

Protesting againstvery racist group like La Meute is entirely justifiable. The use of violence, really isn't. 

And that was the main distinction between the Black Bloc and La Meute at Sunday's protest, which is why a member of the anti-facist group was arrested. 

We're definitely not justifying La Meute here, and the counter-protest really was important to demonstrate racist points-of-view aren't going to simply be tolerated or accepted. 

But really, that's besides the point. 

What's more troubling is that the Black Bloc is basically saying they will continue to assault people for doing their job. 

Yes, corporate media tends to have a tendency to be unjustly biased.

But that isn't to say the individual journalist is a far-right, evil henchman looking to jail all anti-fascist protesters. 

The individual journalist is just doing their job. And that job is reporting the news.

So when a group of masked individuals invade an already super-problematic protest and things turn violent, it's the journalist's job to document what's happening. Because that is the news. 

Secrecy may be important for the Black Bloc, but so is some sense of security for the journalists reporting on their actions. 

Attacking people at their jobs is not okay, no matter your justification or political leanings. 

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