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Montrealers Are Constantly Getting Hurt On The STM Metro Station Escalators

Every other day, Montrealers are hurting themselves on an escalator inside of a STM metro station. 

Half of these injuries warrant a trip to the hospital, CBC Montreal Investigates has learned. 

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By obtaining data from the STM, CBC Montreal Investigates was able to track the frequency of escalator-related accidents within metro stations and how the accident happened. 

The data set covers accidents from the start of 2014 to June 2017. 

In total, 626 escalator accidents occurred across the 296 escalators found in the STM metro station network. 

Note, however, that these were officially logged accidents, and more may have gone unreported. 

And again, “close to half” of these accidents caused injuries severe enough to take a trip to the hospital, says CBC

Somewhat unsurprisingly, falling on the escalator is the most frequent cause-of-injury. 70% of all injuries involved commuters falling. 

But it’s not just falling down the escalator. Almost an equal number of Montrealers got hurt “falling up” ascending escalators. 

Only a few cases involved someone getting a body part stuck in an escalator, but 42 individuals reported having a piece of apparel get caught. 

Not all metro stations are necessarily equal when it comes to the likelihood of receiving and escalator-related injury.

CBC points out five metro stations where the most accidents occurred, and they are: Jean-Talon, Charlevoix, Frontenac, Côte-des-Neiges, and Namur.

Why these five stations have a higher rate of escalator-accidents isn’t touched upon, but one can imagine the number of commuters going in and out of the station has something to do with it. 

But no matter which metro station you’re in, mind the escalator, because an accident can happen at any time. 

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