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Montrealers Are Fed Up With The STM

The anger is real.

If there's one thing Montrealers love to do, it's complain. Sure, we like to do many other things as well, but complaining really does rank among the top activities. Whether it be about the weather, language laws, or construction, Montrealers vent their frustrations on the regular.

But if there is one feature of the city being complained about more than ever, it's the STM bus and metro network. And that's a statement actually backed by fact.

According to a document retrieved by Journal Métro, the STM received a large increase in complaints in 2015, jumping up by a full 18% compared to 2014.

In total, 15,286 complaints were sent into the STM from pissed-off Montrealers last year, up from 12,965 sent in 2014.

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No one will find it too surprising that the highest number of complaints were received by the STM during the months of January and February, otherwise known as the deathly-months-of-winter. Because when you're waiting at the stop in -30 weather and your bus doesn't come, you can bet you'll be incredibly pissed.

Extremely cold weather was noted to be a cause of service issues in 2015 by the STM, as was the public transit company's distinct lack of buses. Around 300 buses were not in service during the winter season, effectively making certain routes far less effective at providing transport.

But while we all may get upset with the STM from time to time, and the public transit company noted how they truly do take every complaint seriously, maybe we should lay off in the winter. It's not like the STM has it any easier hauling hordes of Montrealers around when the city is covered in snow and ice.


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