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Montrealers Are Furious At The City For Not Letting Residents Know About Public Health Emergencies

This is scary stuff!
Montrealers Are Furious At The City For Not Letting Residents Know About Public Health Emergencies

Whenever there's some sort of Montreal-wide warning, you'll typically get a notification on your TV, a notice will be put on the city's website, and you may even be signed up for text message notifications from the city. Considering there's many types of advisories that could prevent potential health and safety risks, it's incredibly useful to have a way to be notified when the city makes an announcement.

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But what if the city of Montreal wasn't actually letting us know whenever there's a health and safety matter we're at risk to? Well, it looks like they aren't.

According to a Reddit user in Montreal, last evening there was a boil water advisory in the Plateau, but no one really knew about it until they made the effort to get in contact with the city.

It started with a water outage in the neighbourhood that lasted for most of the day. After residents grew concerned with why their water was shut off, they began to call the city for guidance. All the phone lines we're completely backed up, with hour long wait times just to speak to someone about the water issue. Apparently the city agents on the phone had no idea what was going on either. 

On top of that, there was nothing in the local news, no notifications online, no warnings at all. Suspicious, right?

Eventually, paper door hangers were distributed in the neighbourhood advising of the boil water warning, but only to the apartment buildings in the area, and not actually to any homes. This whole set up by the city seems super unprofessional, and honestly a bit concerning.

Who knows if there should have been a boil water advisory for the rest of the city? Or at least in other areas. What if there happens to be an even bigger health and safety concern in the city, but no one even knows about it? 

It's safe to say you may want to be on the more cautious side from now on. Who knows what other warnings in Montreal we've already been totally unaware of?


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