Montrealers Are Getting Free Money Because Of Loud Construction Work

Paying out millions.
Montrealers Are Getting Free Money Because Of Loud Construction Work

Noisy construction work on the Ville-Marie-Expressway from nearly twenty years ago could get some Montrealers to monetary compensation, courtesy of the Quebec transport ministry. 

From the middle of 1998 to 2000, Montrealers living close to the Ville-Marie-Expressway had to deal with repair work that lasted literally all day and all night. 

Some citizens filed a complaint, taking Quebec attorney general and the construction companies involved to court. The Class Action lawsuit sought to “compensate people who have suffered damages as a result of excessive noise generated when the repair work of Ville-Marie Highway took place.” 

This week, the Quebec Superior Court approved of a settlement deal to the tune of $3.5-million. 

Montrealers who can prove they lived near the construction work (between Guy and de Carillon Avenue, roughly) is eligible to file a claim

A full list of addresses that can qualify for a claim and get a chunk of the $3.5 million settlement can be found here

All claims must be submitted before May 28, 2018 to be eligible. 

The law firm handling the case, Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, said that an eligible family of two could be receive up to $5,560 in compensation, reports Global News

Only 15% to 35% of eligible parties are expected to make a claim, predicted lawyers. 

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