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Montrealers Are In Love With This Amazing "Giant Baked Pretzel" Shop

SO many flavours.
Montrealers Are In Love With This Amazing "Giant Baked Pretzel" Shop

Giant soft baked pretzels are a nostalgic food. When you find them in their classic form, it kind of reminds you of classic NYC street food or the classic pretzel you would find at baseball game stadium. But these Montreal pretzels are worlds apart from that. 

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Run by a young Montreal family, Bretzel et Compagnie has created a baked pretzel that is truly unique.

This family is not new to the whole baking game, they also own a well-known neighborhood bakery Dolce Vita Bakery in the East end of Montreal.  But now, they've taken their entrepreneurial game up a step and launched a home-made pretzel company.

Now, these pretzels are different from your run-of-the-mill baked pretzel because they are made using a traditional Bavarian that is generations old and was perfected by the owner's mother back in Germany. So at the baseline, you know the dough, texture, and fluff-factor will be delightful.

What comes next is even more eye-popping, because you won't believe some of the creative flavors that come out of their oven.  Bretzel et Compagnie offer sweet and savory creations. For example, maple bacon, Nutella, Reese’s Pieces, and Turtle pretzel. They all look insanely good. 

They even do an avocado "toast" pretzel.  Say no more!

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And now, my friends, for the part you've all been waiting for: how to get 'em.  You can visit Dolce Vita Bakery on 5670 Rue Jarry E in St-Leonard.  They also take special orders for events, weddings, offices, or if you just want a whole box to yourself - that's ok too!

Check out their Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE for more info and photos!

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