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Montrealers Are Sick And Tired Of Pokémon GO

Maybe it's time to let it 'GO'.

Even though I'vehanded in my Pokédex and traded in late nights playing Pokémon GO for Netflix binge watching and sleep, I'm still super proud of Montreal's Pokémon GO community.

It's really clear that this combination of nostalgia and gameplay is perfectly suited for Montrealers (and the rest of the world, let's be honest), and has been bringing us together like nothing ever has before.

If you're a part of that community, this is awesome. But what if you're not? What if Pokémon was just never for you, or what if you're just not into Pokémon GO?


Then, friends, you - much like many other Montrealers - might be sick and tired of hearing about Pokémon GO.

How fed up of this game are some people? Well, they're sick and tired enough to actually spray on some graffiti about the phenomenon, as found by my colleague, Jeremy:

And if one street art feature about Pokémon GO isn't enough to convince you that many Montrealers are ready to never look at another Pikachu again in their lives, then maybe these 150 mean comments will. Some highlights?

I mean, even though I personally can't get enough Pokémon GO news, I get where people are coming from. The hype surrounding Pokémon in Montreal has been doing on for about a month, and if you don't like it, it's for sure a little bit annoying... Especially considering the staying power it seems to have.

For those of us braving the Pokémon GO storm from the outside,  I wish you luck, because as much as you might hate it, I don't think Pokémon GO is going home any time soon.

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