Montrealers Are Spotting Rubber Duckies In The Streets

Slush has never looked so cute.
Montrealers Are Spotting Rubber Duckies In The Streets

Photo cred - @mtlgazette

As much as Montrealers love when temperatures rise to give us a little relief from deep-winter freeze, one thing we all hate is the slush it inevitably creates. All the melting snow and ice inundates every street corner, creating a murky swamp that invariably makes us hate winter exponentially more. Much like what happened earlier this week.

While most of us do our best to wade through the slushy puddles without losing a boot, Gazette photographer and local Montrealer, Dario Ayala, decided to poke some fun at the city's poor drainage system and placed cute rubber duckies in a few spots around the downtown core.

#Mtlduck briefly trended on Twitter on Monday afternoon, at least until the duckies were finally all "ducknapped" but we're definitely hopping this is not the last we see of them.

Check out some of the pics below.

Photo creds - @darioayalaphoto

Did you spot the rubber duckies around Montreal?

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