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Montrealers Best Habs Sweep Tweets & Pics From The Mega Celebration Outside The Bell Centre

On the scene photos of last night's Bell Centre & St. Cats celebrations.

Only if you literally lived under a rock would you be unaware that the Montreal Canadiens beat out the Tampa Bay Lightning and advanced to the second round of the NHL playoffs.

The game itself was a roller coaster ride of emotions, but after the final goal was scored, the festivities didn't stop. Hundreds of Montrealers flocked to the Bell Centre to show their support, so many that the city's police got worried a riot might break out. Wouldn't be the first time.

Thankfully, things got rowdy, but not to the point of tear gas and pepper spray. It got close though. Check out on-the-scene photos from Montrealer's tweets to see how it all went down.

To get fans pumped...a very sad looking blimp


— Jenneil Ifill (@lushiosa) April 22, 2014

And a much more legit colour swap

I love this city❤️

— Angie (@Angie0683) April 19, 2014

Before things even got rowdy, some horses, for good measure

More police presence outside Bell Centre

— Stu Cowan (@StuCowan1) April 22, 2014

But horses or not, Montrealers still gathered to show their support

— Cindy Sherwin (@CSherwinCTV) April 23, 2014

Then there was the oh-so-memorable final goal

— Canoe (@Canoe) April 23, 2014

And fans went nuts

Plenty of "ole ole" going on

— Cindy Lopez (@CL_opez) April 23, 2014

Really nuts

Obstruction de la circulation en cours... mais où est le @SPVM?!?

— Marco SimonsenSereda (@blogocram) April 23, 2014





— Andrew Brennan (@Brennamen) April 23, 2014

Calling-out-for-the-cops level nuts, which is never a good idea






— Marco SimonsenSereda (@blogocram) April 23, 2014

Because when you call, the SPVM show up. Which is there job...but they were already on standby anyway.

Scene on Ste. Catherine St. Right now

— Stu Cowan (@StuCowan1) April 23, 2014

Then things got a little tense

Avec @CUTVnews et le @SPVM sur la rue Ste-Catherine, la fête anti-#P6 continue...

— Marco SimonsenSereda (@blogocram) April 23, 2014

But things turned out fine when fans took it to the streets, in a good, non-violent, and not even a protest kind of way




— Robyn Flynn (@ladyhabs) April 23, 2014

And through it all you wanted to hug this kid...


— CTV Montreal (@CTVMontreal) April 22, 2014

And punch this kid straight in the mouth

— Shalini (@scaryballoon) April 23, 2014

Did you celebrate last night?

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